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Everyone has a type! And there's a flip or reverse thought to every question!

Fat women do nothing for me, never have! I associate fat with laziness. It's an unattractive quality. All women wanna be slim! Not skinny!!! SLIM!!! Clothes look better, you'll feel healthier & your confidence will zoom! Fat people as a rule are insecure & spend most the time bitching about skinny people.

You say your getting more attention, I always stare at fat women wondering what went wrong. That's not the attention you want.

Now here's some food for thought & remember I'm not trying to offend only point out the obvious.

Athletes aren't fat! Fattys cant run!
Pornstars ain't fat! Nobody wants to watch fattys fuck!
Models ain't fat! Nobody's designer dress looks good with rolls!
High heels ain't made for fattys, mini skirts look terrible on chunks and any woman trying to tell me fat is beautiful is full of shit! Nobody pays for cosmetic surgery to have fat pumped in cause a blobby tummy is doesn't make a crop top look hot does it?? No lingerie company wants a fatty showing off there gear. Everything associated with sexiness, confidence & attractiveness goes against everything FAT is.
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