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First-time interracial
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Old 04-26-2009, 07:40 PM
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Default First-time interracial

Some years ago, my bf and I spent 10 days of summer on one of
spains Balearic island for sunbathing, partying and relaxing.
The first day we went to the beach, a black man selling fruits
aroused my attention. He was even taller than my bf, approximately about 6´5 and
his body was trained to its best. We bought some fruits and so we got in contact. The more often
we went to the beach the more “familiar” we got. Then one
day, we were already on the beach, while dozing topless
in the sun, I woke up, seeing my bf and freddy, that was the
black man´s name, standing in front of me, talking while
watching me. I could feel freddy´s eyes running intensively
all over my body, my bf didn´t seem to notice. First I felt ashamed, a stranger standing in front of me,
checking my half-naked body – I wanted to grab a towel and
cover my body. But I didn´t, he should have it all… A few moments later, my bfs talk with freddy was over and
the black stallion went on to work. Neither my bf nor me commented
what happened. At the evening of the same day, my bf and I
went out to a club for some dancing. I was wearing a tight
neckholder-top, no bra, a string, a retro-styled miniskirt
and sabots. At the club´s bar we met freddy, we had some drinks
and a talk. After a while, the three of us hit the floor for
some dancing. My bf and I danced close. After a while freddy
came closing in, coincidental touching became steady
– I got “frightened”, what would my bf say if I let freddy
do what he was up to. But he didn´t react; maybe he had too
much to drink, but no, his eyes were clear. So there I was
dancing close, face to face with my bf and with freddy on
my back. surprisingly my bf turned me around to face freddy…the
fun began. I could feel his whole, trained body while dancing close
to him. I could already smell him. I took all of his gentle,
smooth moves and let him rub his hardened dick on my leg.
My nipples hardened visibly and freddy noticed unembarassed
– he gave, I took… Time went on and we danced for hours, me switching between
two guys – both of them clearly wanting me…. In the early
morning we decided to leave and on our way “home” the three
of us went to the beach. We sat down on a wooden bench with
a table. Me on my bf´s lap on the bench, freddy in front of
us on the table. We were talking when my bf hugged me from
behind and started to kiss and touch me, I felt a little unease
for doing that in front of freddy, who was still a stranger.
Freddy sat their and watched me, like he did some hours before.
But this time I didn´t feel ashamed, I felt proud. Proud
of being the object of his sexual desires, what the big bulge
in his trousers signalled. His look was intense and finally,
when my bf loosend my neckholder and my tits nearly popped
out, he leaned forward and touched them gently with his
hands and began to kiss them, to lick and bite the erect nipples.
I was overwhelmed, I had this black stallion foreplaying
me, while my bf was caressing my neck and tenderly stimulating
my clit with his fingers.. Like a reflex my hand wandered
upwards freddy´s right leg and started to massage his genital
area. It didn´t take long and freddy laid back for me to unzip
his trousers and let his big, massive cock spring out to
life. I had never seen any dick big like his one although
it was not totally hardened. I grabbed it with one hand and
directed it slowly into my mouth. It was so enormous I nearly
started to gag while trying to deep throat it. I let my tongue
play on his shaft, his dick´s head, his balls. My bf forced
me to kneel down on the bench, lifted my skirt to my waist
and pulled my string to my knees, so that his dick could easily
enter my pussy while I was giving head to freddy. Feeling
freddy´s dick hardening more and more I took my bf´s strokes…then
we changed positions, freddy laid down on the table fully
for me to get on top of him and take his big one into my pussy,
my bf stepped up next to me to get his dick blown. The moment
freddy´s bbc entered my pussy I nearly lost control. The
bbc was stretching me to the max and it didn´t seem to stop
penetrating me…I tried to concentrate to keep my bf´s dick
in my mouth, but I couldn´t , the way freddy was pounding
my pussy made me loose my control, I couldn´t do anything
else but take his strokes…my bf realized quickly that there
wasn´t any chance for him to get a blowjob so he got behind
me and slowly inserted his dick into my ass…although I was
used to analsex and doublepenetrations with a dick and
a dildo, being sandwiched by two real cocks was different
– overwhelming. To feel these two rubbing against each
other inside me let me use my control fully, feeling kind
of unconscious…. I don´t know how long they fucked me, how
many strokes I took or how often I came, but it seemed to be
for hours…finally they they pushed me with my back on the
table gave their cocks a few hands and unloaded on me…their
juice was covering my face, my breasts and top, they even
hit my skirt. When they were finished I took their cocks
and sucked them off – one by one and both together. Then I
went to the water to clean off my face when I realized, that
there was sperm all over me so I decided to take a dive fully
clothed and refresh myself. By the time I came back to the
table my bf was sitting alone on the bench, freddy was gone!
We left for the hotel and fell silent for the whole way. The
closer we came the uneasier I felt. Thinking about we had
happened a few minutes ago - feeling guilty of being a whore,
of behaving like some porn-actress…at the lobby my bf took
our keycard and when the receptionist smiled at me I felt
ashamed – could he know? [In reminiscence I don´t think
so, he was just looking at a girl all wet from water, with
a nearly transparent top that gave a clear view of size and
shape of her tits and let her erect nipples peak out –which
man wouldn´t smile]…reaching our room I immediately went
for the bath to have a shower and wash me clean…I took me nearly
an hour to finish…my bf was fallen asleep, lying naked on
the bed when I came back. I had to show him that he was the only
one for me, that I wouldn´t trade his love for any big cock,
that it was only up to him to fuck me or let me be fucked…so
I playfully started to give him some head. And when he was
ready I let him fuck me any way he wanted to although it was
hurting so much…when I began to formulate me excuse he smiled
at me knowingly and said: “I know, I love you too!”…a new
era was born and our relationship became more intense –
thanks to freddy, whom we never met again…
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Old 04-27-2009, 02:33 PM
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you lucky girl. xxx
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Old 04-30-2009, 02:52 PM
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how big was that dick baby
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Old 05-01-2009, 04:04 PM
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guess 10-12 ins...he was REALLY hung
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Old 05-02-2009, 04:45 PM
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did you and your bf continue your adventures with other men after that? Black men?
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Old 05-05-2009, 04:48 PM
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yes, we did...
had some great times!
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Old 05-17-2009, 05:07 PM
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would love to hear about your other adventures! that's really hot! my wife has agreed to do a bbc so hopefully i'll have some stories soon...
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Old 07-28-2009, 10:46 AM
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Default Hot

That is a very hot story....it was written so well I could visualize every scene...thanks for sharing and please do post some of your other adventures.
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