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Originally Posted by martin d View Post
I remember the first time my wife had preg risk sex and it wasn't planned. We meet up with this blk guy and my wife and him clicked so gd that it went from like two e-mail to meeting in a hotel room. They were both all over each other and didn't even have time to tell him she wasn't on any birth control and he had to wear a condom but he had my wife was cumming so much that I didn't want to say any thing and just sat there and watch as he fucked her. About 45 minutes later he came deep inside her pussy and I told myself she's not on any birth control and then I looked at her face and she was trying to say she was sorry but she was having the biggest orgasm of the night as he kept on pumping her pussy full of his blk seed. after that night we were both hooked on preg risk sex.
My wife is not on birth control and nothing would be hotter than to see her filled with black seed from a big black cock. I would love to suprise her with a big black guy some night.

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