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Originally Posted by cuckold_swm View Post
Itís not about being gay, itís about domination. The Black Man has come to your house without asking you. He has taken your woman without asking you. She has submitted to him without asking you. Whether during or at the end if he forces you to suck him you do what youíre told just as your woman did.
I agree, it's not necessarily about being gay. But it also is not always about domination. White men sucking white cocks are mostly gay but whites sucking black dick is something different. Like with white women also white men sometimes find it difficult to withstand the magical attraction a nice big black cock has.
So while white women who "falls" for black cock are not necessarily whores, so white men isn't, in many cases, gay when they do suck black cock. It's just something they can't help neither can they explain why they do it.
Whatever the reason, the black man always win whether it's a white pussy or a white mouth.
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