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This is a great topic, and one I tried to explain in a blog I wrote yesterday.
I am a light skinned Latin male and I LOVE women and don't ever think about getting with any guys, and do not consider myself gay at all. That being said I will worship the fuck out of a Mandingos BBC. When it comes right down to it I'm no different then the women on here who serve love and worship BBC. Yes I believe it's DNA, domination, submission and a calling. Just like there r people who don't get or understand this lifestyle. There r we the people who have been touched by this lifestyle. No one had to talk me into it or explain it to me. It just was, and I understood. And I'm glad that there's a few here that get it as well. I love pussy tits and ass probably more then most but I'll be a Mandingos bitch any day of the week.
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