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how I became a BBC loving cuck
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Default how I became a BBC loving cuck

Some of you asked for this so here it is...

How I got cucked and became a lover of BBC

I was 56 years old, wife was 41 and I was having erection problems due to meds. We had not had sex in several months as I only got about half hard. I'm not quite 6 inches, avg thick and cut. Could not get hard enough to penetrate.

My wife does consulting for legal firms and she was working on a case for a black lawyer at the time. He was 46, well built and single. One day they went to lunch and after a couple of drinks and some under the table thigh stroking, came back to his office. He locked his office door and fucked her right there on the couch in his office. This went on for two months and finally she called me one afternoon, said she was bringing Dan home and she had a surprise for me.

Six o'clock came around and they showed up. She told me to sit down on the sofa and listen to them. They told me how they had been fucking for two months and decided to tell me because they were going to continue and would be fucking tonight in our bed. I was both stunned and excited. They told me I could either deny it and sit quietly on the couch in family room and listen to them or I could join them in bedroom and watch. I opted to watch as I could already feel a chubby.

We went in the bed room and wife stripped out of her clothes and started to undress him. When she got to taking off his shorts I saw why she wanted to keep fucking him. He was 9+, very thick,cut and had a huge sac. He was also very well built and muscular. When she pulled down his shorts he popped up and she took him in her hand and gave him a couple of strokes as she licked his cock and then took him in her mouth. He told me to strip, which I did without hesitating. By then he was hard and she lay down on the bed and he told me to lick er pussy a few times to wet it. Believe me she didn't need wetting after having that big black cock in her mouth, she was ready. Then he told me to take his cock and put the head in her pussy to show I was giving away her to him. Well with some tears and trembling hands I did as told. I watched his big head stretch her like I never had. Then he said stay down there and watch as he slid his cock into her up to his balls. That was so I'd know who she belonged to from then on. So I hjad to stay kneeling beside the bed watching his cock sliding in and out an hearing her climax, her pussy gripping his cock.

When he finally pulled out, still rigid and dripping cum he told me to go down on him and lick and suck him clean which I did and then when finished he told me to lick and heat her still dripping cum creampie. I buried my face in shame into her cunt and ate all of his cum. Shame because my little cock had never done that to her.

They then told me to go sit quietly in the family room, naked and not touch myself. Finally they came out and he was dressed and left. He told me he would become a frequent visitor here from now on.

The following evening he came to the house. He brought her a see through dressing gown and told her to put it on. The he told me to strip and undress him, which I did. When she came out, he gave her a very passionate kiss told her to sit on the sofa and watch. He told me to get onmy knees in front of him and take his cock and get him hard. I stroked him and licked him, then he told me to start sucking his cock. I had his cock in my mouth and one hand on the shaft, he told me to take both hands and caress his sac. His balls were huge and as I sucked his cock he started to face fuck me, his hands holding my head. In a few minutes I could feel his cock swell more and his sac contracted and I could feel the pulse of his cock as he started to shoot. He pushed his cock further into my mouth and I felt it explode,, his hot cum flooding my mouth. He thrust harder and told me to swallow all of it. It seemed like minutes as he pumped me full. I could taste his cum it was both salty and sweet and much stronger than my own. I had ate my own from wife's pussy on several occasions. My wife pointed out to him that I had been erect all the time I sucked him. Then they took me into the bath room, shaved me and used depilatory to remove all the hair from my body except my head. They said only real men should have hair on their body. I have been hairless every since for 9 years. Then they gave me the present he brought for me. A black lace thong, thigh highs and a half bra. They told me I would have to wear them on occasions when they desired me to.

Continued: I truly become his other white slut bitch
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