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my wife is being pimped
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Default my wife is being pimped

My slut wife got a bbc bf and after a few dates he started taking her to sleezy bars and introducing her to his friends. BJs in the back soon followed and after a while she realized he was pimping her out. She decided she loved it and started dressing the part. I just posted a video of her in her whore clothes going to a motel with a guy her BF pimped her out to. Sometimes he has her hang out in front of the bar in her tight shorts and tube top. When a guy hits on her she takes him inside to meet her pimp and waits while they do the deal. A few months ago he took her to a frat party and pimped her out to the basketball team of a local college. She came home with the uniform numbers of the guys who fucked her written all over her ass and tits. One freshman guard took pictures and she dated him for a year to get them back. He then pimped her out to a few of his friends. She loves being a whore. Sometimes drive by and watch her working the street out in front of the bar. With her big white tits and hot ass she stops traffic. I love watching her in her high heels just sway her ass slowly back and forth while she walks. She's a natural ho.
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