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we were out of town my wife drove over to join me where I worked and we went to alocal bar to shoot pool, she was dressed in ashort dress and looking hot, just oozing her sex. The place was not crowded but two black guys shooting pool, when they saw her they were honed in ,its funny when they saw her they had to have her. Well we went outside to smoke and I of course invited them 0ygo our room. The one guy we new inside told us not to leave with them, but we were horny and on the prowl. shoot when we got to ythe room I talked her into changing into a long clingy gown ,she was hot. When she sat on the bed one black guy came over pushed between us and forced her down to the bed. Well it was on then, they took her as they pleased and I had passed out from something not sure but when I woke up and they had her sitting on the bathroom sink legs splayed whilke they took turns with her. We kinda just had to go along cause they weren't gonna be denied. I told them they had to use condoms and they said sure ,sure man. I never saw one. I took pictures and, they took our camera, when I finally pulled her out from between them and said shes had enough and brought her sticky body to my bed, I laid her down and slid my cock in their cum drenched project.. I licked her salty skin and new I was tastetheir cum dried on my wife. That could have been scary if we had told them know at any time . She wanted 2 black guys at one and so do I.
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