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she sat on his lap
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Old 07-22-2010, 05:01 AM
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Default she sat on his lap

My wife and i were young at the time of our first experiance. Her name is Mary and mine Robert. We are both latino and very open minded. At the time we were 22 and 23. She was 5 ft tall and about 100 lbs. And i was of average size.
We first spoke of the IR experiance when we had rented some porn and found an interacial swinger video. She was always at awe of the penis sizes of the men compared to the women. I was so turned on i had to ask if she liked the video, which she agreed. i then asked if she would ever try it and said with the right amount of alcohal who knew.
I began taking pics of blk men penises with women and sending them to her. She finally asked if i were serious and i told her i had been wanting her to do t since the first movie. She agreed to try but only if i got the ball rolling.
I searched for about a month until i decided to take her to a club and see if we could pic someone up there. I had an older friend at work ( 35 6 ft 200 plus lbs) that had raved of a club downtown. I asked him of the club and he gave me the details. I told him i wanted to take her and show her off. He then told me he wanted to meet her and might go see us. Well the day came and we were drinking heavily to get the courage to follow through with the plan. We sat for a couple of hours at a table towards the back of the room and Mary kept commenting of the nice looking guys that were there.
Fred (my friend) showed up dressed to impress and introduced himself to Mary and proceeded to order several shots for us three. He noticed Marys short dress and commeted that she looked hot. I then reliazed it would be easier than i thought. Fred wanted to fuck her. Mary sat between us and Fred asked me to go to the restroom with him. He asked why Mary was eyeballing all the guys and I told himwhat we were trying to do.
He smiled and asked if he could help us out. I said "lets see what happens". I then told him to get his penis hard and to send me a pic. We sat dwn and an hour beforeclosing we were close to drunk and i decide it was as good a time as ever. I leaned over to him and said" you look bored." he said" well i should have gone to a strip club. at least they get naked." Mary loved goin to the strip clubs so I asked her if she wanted to give him a dance. drunk as she was she agreed and started dancing for him. He said out loud yea but they get naked. she looked at me smiled and then raised her dress so he could see her thong.
I quickly decided to take the party back to the apartment. Luckly we had a bottle of tequilla at the house and asked them if they wanted to play strip quarters. they agreed and Fred was down to boxers and t-shirt. I was down to boxers and mary had just lost her panties and was down to her slip. I told her i forgot to show her somthing annd waved for fred to got the the restroom. I showed her the pic of his penis. She smiled and told me to get it for her and she would be happy to fuck it. Fred came back and sat down and mary left to go pee. i told him to get his cock hard because it was going to happen
when Mary came back i told her if I made the next shot she would have to do what i said. she agreed and luckily i made the shot. Fred had gotten hard and had covered up with a pillow. I told her she had to give Fred a table dance. Is that it she said and walked over to him and turned around. He then started rubbing her ass and she bent over showing him her pussy. I asked him how it looked and he smiled. I told her to sit on his lap and grind on him. She backed up and straddled him. When she sat down he removed the pillow and her dress lifted in the front. Her eyes lit up and placed her hands under her dress. she got quite and i asked if somthing were wrong. She said nothing. I the joked "he is supposed to get hard not you." She Lifted her slip and said he is hard.
HIs cock looked huge between her legs while she rubbed her ass back and forth on it
Fred asked " is ther a bed we can use because i need to cum." Mary asked " is that why you brought him over? i nodded and she said just dont be mad at me. i stood up and took her slip off and told her i would watch.
It took 15 minutes just to get the head in her small pussy. She couldnt sit all the way down until she came, she then slid all the way down and sat there wanting to take a break. Fred proceeded to put her on her back where she quickly pulled her legs back so he knew she wanted it. He locked her legs on his shoulders and fucked till she came again.
I asked him to fuck her doggy style which is my favorite. they agreed and she put her tits on the bed and pushed her ass in the air. he rubbed her for a bit then slid into her. still having trouble getting in he pumped hard while she moaned. He then said "im gonna cum" and i then noticed he had no condem on. I pointed to Mary and Fred said again," Mary i am gonna cum" she raised her hips and whispered "uhhh huhhh". He began pumping harder till he came. he stood behind her still inside for a few minutes. She didnt move either.
That was our first time, 13 years later We still get together and still play strip quarters.
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Old 08-22-2010, 03:55 AM
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Default hot

your lucky man
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