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I paid a black man to fuck my wife
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Old 12-22-2012, 05:30 AM
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Default I paid a black man to fuck my wife

We are a mature couple, I am 66 and my wife is 60 but works out stays in shape and most people guess her to be in her 40s. She is a mental health counselor and I am retired. We live in a rural lake community in Georgia. I am not well endowed about 4" when it used to get hard and now have dysfunction problems and had suggested my wife take a more well endowed younger man to satisfy her needs because she is still a very hot woman.
She had admitted she had fucked black guys in highschool and college and it turns me on to think about her having a black cock in her white pussy and had told her so. One evening when she was feeling horny and I wasn't able to get it up she completely surprised me and suggested I hire a black man to fuck her. I told her I didn't think there was a need for that, that I was sure there were plenty out there who would luv to fuck her without being paid. She said she didn't want the comlpications that might come with that and I could go through an escort service and probably get exactly what she wanted, with a health certificate so we didn't have to worry about disease.
I told her I would check into it and asked her what her specifications would be? She said someone dark skinned between 18 and 35, the younger the better, well built and well endowed 9 or 10 inches and thick. I have to admit this turned me on having my wife of over 20 years telling me she wanted a black man 1/3 my age and over twice my size to fuck her. I asked her if she wanted to have him meet us at a hotel? and she said no she wanted him to come here and fuck her in our marriage bed. I knew then she wasn't just wanting the sex but wanting to cuckold and humiliate me in the process. I didn't mind because I always knew my little white dick was useless and knew sne had probably had much bigger from black men when she was young.
The next day I found and escort service on the net. called them and they said they had several young men we might be interested in and I had them email some pics of them for her to choose from. She chose a very handsome young man 22 and I called back and told them which one she wa interested in. They said they would have them call me and we could make the arrangements.
He called within the hour and I told him sne wished him to come to our home and bring a recent std test because she didn't want him to use a condom. She had confided in me that, that was what turned her on the most was being a happily married woman but letting a black man cum in her. He said he would be glad too but since we lived a ways out of the city there would be and hourly rate plus mileage. I thought it was a little expensive but agreed because I wanted my lovely wife to get what she wanted. We agreed on that Friday evening and I gave her the news and could tell she was excited and she
could tell I was also, because she said,"you want to see me get fucked by a young black man, don't you?" I admitted I did.
She told me exactly what she wanted whe he arrived, She said she was going to be in the bedroom laying on the bed naked and she wanted me to bring him back there and tell him she wanted him to address her as Mrs. Smith and there would be no hugging or kissing or foreplay she would apply lubricant before he came in and he was just to fuck her and leave. She said it would be just like I was paying him to breed her. She said she also wanted to hear me tell him to fuck her. Tell him to do what you are paying him for and to fuck your wife. She said she also wanted me to take out my dick so he could see it and know why I needed him to fuck her.
A few minutes before it was time for him to arrive she went into the bedroom and closed the door. When he arrived I told him what she wanted and asked to see the std test, it was from the day before and was negative so I showed him back to the bedroom, knocked on the door and told her gentleman was here. She told me to show him in and I opened the door and she was laying on the bed competely naked legs spread. She just smiled and said Hi, and said she was ready and for him to get undressed and do whatever he needed to do to get himself ready. He started undressing and told her seeing her like that he would be ready very shortly Mrs. Smith. He undressed slid his boxers down and was half hard already. Her or I either one could take our eyes off it and she started licking her lips and rubbing herself seeing his huge young black cock that she knew was soon going to be inside her. She told me to show him why she needed him to service her. He was stroking his huge cock looking at her and it was getting harder with each stroke and she was saying "oh god that is beautiful" as she watched him and rubbed herself .I Had my little one hanging out now and told him he could see why she needed a real man to satisfy her. He just kind of smiled and snickered and I told him to go ahead and fuck my wife she needed it. She asked if it turned him on to hear her husband tell him to fuck his wife, he nodded and admitted it did She told him it turned her on hearing it too. All the time rubbing her pussy and wathching him stroke his long cock. She asked him if it turned him on to fuck a married white woman. He just said "oh yeah". She told him we had been married over 20 years and she hadn't had anyone but me in that time. She told him he would be giving her so much more right in front of me and she said she wanted me to see her taking it.
She said "come here and fuck me, give me that big black cock I need it." he climbed between her thick white thighs and she reaced down and guided it in and I wasn't even touching my dick but seeing his huge 22y.o. black cock going in my 60y.o.wife's white pussy made me cum all over the carpet. She gasped as he slid it in her and he worked it in her slowly at first giving her a little more with each stroke, she was moaning "fuck me. oh god yes, just fuck me." He was saying "you like having my black cock in you don't you Mrs. Smith?" She just nodded her head wildly and said"oh yes, oh god yes." He said "you like being fucked by a black man, don't you Mrs. Smith?" She said" yes I can't help it I do." She had her legs spread as wide as possible now taking him all and he was fucking her hard. He said "you like getting your married white pussy stretched by my black cock don't you Mrs. Smith." she was just moaning "oh yes, oh yes" breathlessly. He was pumping her hard and fast now and was soon telling her he was going to cum in her. He told her to pull her legs back so he could get in her deep. He said "do you want this black man's sperm deep in your married womb Mrs. Smith?" She was screaming now."give it to me, give it to me, cum in me right in front of my husband, I want it, I need it!" I watched as he shot it deep in my wife and she came over and over again until they finally lay exhausted in each other's arms.
I knew then it was money well spent and I would probably be spending a lot more.
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Old 12-23-2012, 07:48 PM
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Default Wow

Great story!!
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Old 12-31-2012, 04:46 PM
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Hot story. Just curious, how much did the Bull cost you?
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Old 01-04-2013, 04:35 PM
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ok....so where are the picutres or vid clips???? I would think you would have documented it somehow....???
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Old 01-20-2013, 01:02 AM
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Default Story

Great Story. Is it a true one?
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Old 02-01-2013, 12:15 AM
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indeed he should have.. if it happened.
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