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He talked me into it.....
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Old 06-01-2013, 02:45 AM
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Default He talked me into it.....

I couldn't believe that my friend talked me into this.
we were walking up to my house, knowing my wife had just gotten home from a night out
with the girls. I knew she would be passed out on the bed.

we walked up to our room and there she was...out on the bed with just a small blanket
covering her.

"Baby, I'm home," I whispered, kissing her cheek.
she didn't move.

I signaled my friend. He was naked and his stiff, black cock stuck out as he moved to
the bottom of the bed. I pulled the blanket away.

He stared at her petite white body. Her small nipples where stiff, her pussy was shaved and only
a small patch of blonde hair remained. Her long, blonde hair spread across her shoulders..

"Baby...I need to eat your pussy," I said loudly, shaking her head.
"Oh yeah, baby, eat my pussy...I'm so tired..I just...." she was gone.
I turned on the lights so I could see.

He moved to her pussy and started eating her and his hands moved to her tits.
She started cumming, her hips bucking against his face.
She came several times and I said, "Baby, I need to fuck your face now"
He moved to her mouth. His rock hard, black cock pressed against her lips and they
parted. He rolled her head a little to the left and he leaned over her, shoving half of his
long, black cock into her wet mouth.

My cock was rock hard and I jacked it as I watched my wife eating that black cock.

"Baby, I need to fuck your pussy now." I said, and he moved to the bottom of the bed.

He spread her legs and her wet pussy parted slightly. He moved his black cock head
to her pussy and rubbed up and down a few times and shoved the black cock into her.

She moaned as half his cock slide into her white wetness. He pumped a few times and
I watched his black cock disappear into my wife's pussy.

He leaned over slightly and started slamming his cock into her. She started to moan
and her hips started to buck as she came on the stiff, black cock.

He kept up the tempo and she was cumming again.

Suddenly, she was pushing him off her. Her eyes were still closed, and he moved away,
his long, black cock shiny with her white pussy cum.

"I want to do my fantasy," she said, kind of tired and drunk.

She rolled over on her stomach and moved both her arms behind her near her ass.
"I want to play where the black guy breaks in and ties you to a chair, then ties my
hands behind my back and fucks my pussy."

We looked at each other. I took my underwear and tied her hands together.
He pushed her legs together and guided his black cock between her thighs and
into her pussy. She moaned as the drove his black cock home.

He fell on her with his full weight and grabbed her hair.

"It's OK baby, you tired to stop him," she said into the pillows.
He was slamming into her now, his body smacking into her ass with each
powerful thrust.

"Baby, I'm sorry," She said, "His cock is so big and so black, I'm going to cum on
his big, black cock....I'm sorry....I'm sorry."

She bucked and moaned as she had a powerful orgasm as he fucked her.
He pulled her hair harder and moved his other hand to her throat, pretending to
choke her. She just started cumming again.

"baby...I bet he wants to fill my pussy with his black cum," she said quietly.

"I know baby, there's nothing I can do to stop him," I said.

He picked up the pace and pounded her pussy for five minutes before he
started moaning, she started moaning too.

I watched them cum together and then they both relaxed.

A few minutes later he pulled out, his black cock covered with white cum.
He moved to the edge of the bed and I moved to her.

I shoved my cock into her cum soaked pussy. It was stretched too much for me
to do anything but get my cock covered with cum.

"He's gone baby, but I need to fuck that ass, my cock is rock hard from seeing
that black cock in your pussy." I told her.

I shoved my cock into her ass and after a few pumps, filled her ass with my cum.

I rolled off her and he was dressed. I walked him to the door, then hurried back

She was on her back with her legs spread, rubbing his cum all over her pussy.
"Please get my big, black dildo," she said, " I need to cum again."

I did and as she was cumming on the black dildo, she said, "I think you should
have him over again. I'll play drunk every night if you want me to."

" I would love that," I told her...."I was thinking of bring his buddy with him next
time, so they could both fill you black cock slut pussy with cum."

"Or better yet," she smiled, "Tie me face down on the bed with a pillow to prop
up my pussy, and let 10 black cock fill my pussy with cum over and over."
She started cumming at the thought of it.

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Old 06-01-2013, 01:56 PM
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Default nice

nice nice nice my cock is so hard just from reading this. I'd love to see what she looks like....
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could be..
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Old 06-01-2013, 02:44 PM
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Default could be..

[B]I've seen more than a few CL ads~frm both women and cpls suggesting meets at bars for this very situation to unfold; never actually done it but surely someone has.. Hot story nonetheless;p[ /B]
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Old 06-01-2013, 06:11 PM
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like thats true,if it was true,you are not a very good husband.Because wouldn't u stop your friends from fucking your wiife.
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Old 02-17-2014, 10:10 PM
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I hope there is a part 2! That was hot
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black, sleeping, white wife, wife

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