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One day on the beach
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Old 12-17-2017, 06:37 PM
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Wink One day on the beach

One day on the beach:
After a long time of lying on the beach, a black man arrives to stand beside us, but he does not take off his bathing suit, and my husband tells me "he is ashamed to be seen" (we are in a nudist beach).

I ask him to put cream on my back, and he tells me that he is going to go for a walk, to tell someone, ....... and he takes off and leaves.

Will you be an asshole? Well, do not cry and leave me without putting the cream on my back, I notice the little brunette that was next to us and I say, ... can you please put cream on my back? and he answers me, of course but with one condition, which one? I ask him, because when I finish with my back, you let me put you in front too, (I'm naked of course) I'll tell you in agreement, .... but I also put a condition on you, he asks me which one? and I answer him, that you take off your swimsuit since we are in a nude beach, it is 7 o'clock in the afternoon and there are hardly any people left, he tells me he is worth it but after giving you cream from the back. I agree and lie face down on the towel, he began to put cream on my calves, slowly rising towards my thighs, he told me to open my legs a little so that I could get inside the thighs and when it was not long before I arrived he asked me permission to kneel on top of me with one leg on each side, although I was getting horny I told him no;

What better if he got on his knees at the height of my head, looking at my legs could give me the back, so he did and began to put me by the shoulders with his big hands with long fingers, gently down along the back I raise my head a little, ... and I see that a piece of head that looked like an anaconda appears on the head of the swimsuit, GOD MIO ..... and my husband believed that he did not take off his swimsuit out of embarrassment, and it is so as not to make the others look ridiculous;

With that vision of course, I have put out completely and with the fever that is coming to me I do not think about it anymore and I turn around telling him ...... now give me ahead, but take off your swimsuit as you promised, the guy takes it off, and leaves the air a tail about 25 cm stiff as the mast of a ship and says, sorry but is that with the body you have me you have supercachondo at all, well it does not matter you continue putting cream on me, the hands anointed for the cream begins to massage my breasts and when the time down to the navel had to stretch over me, passing all the tail down my face, unable to hold it anymore I took it and bring it to my lips trying to put it in the mouth, I almost lost the jaws of the cipote he had, I started to drool a lot especially when he came with my hands to my almejita putting a pair of fingers in it;

Although there were hardly any people on the beach, I proposed to go behind some dunes that were close to hit a good dust, he agreed, and what a surprise I took when arriving at the dune I see my husband camera in hand taking pictures and telling me , ...... what's the morenito cool? ... what if I'm cool? NOW I'M GOING TO FUCK HIM ... ... and putting a towel on the floor I knocked down the little brunette with the stake pointing towards the sky .... I straddled his cipote and started to jerk off, letting me fall as the orgasm, the first coinciding with the entrance of his cipote in my pussy, as the black used his dick as if he were a battering ram to enter a castle, and with his shoves I was dilating my pussy to the fullest, I took air and letting myself fall another little I got almost all the tail, I was beginning to notice how his cipote to pressure in my womb, with my husband we have ever got to put the cipote inside, but of course that was not a normal dick, was killing me tastefully and I used to drive him to fuck me faster, he pushes more ... I was killed with gusto, as I was ready for the second orgasm, the black bastard took me by the hips and pointed to the very center of the womb began to push . ..... I noticed how I would have on the channel at the same time that I was killing myself with gusto, Diossss ... What is this happening to me? I had never felt so much pleasure in my body. Suddenly I noticed a pressure in the anus and was the bastard of my husband who tried to get me from behind ..... Be it for the pleasure, because the forces left me, or for whatever reason, the fact is that he got it coming three to the total climax at a time.

If Gooooooooood ... ..what a pleassssssssuuuuuure, when I noticed how the black dick started to squirt and squirt milk, filling my womb, at the same time that my husband was flooding my ass with his sperm.
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Old 01-13-2018, 05:15 PM
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One time on the beach a friend of mine was laying in a bikini and I was a teen so I got an erection by accident.

The funny thing is she asked me to sit next to her until it wore off.. it never did it just stayed hard.

She gave me my first blowjob later on that day
. I didn't even ask for one. I was so embarrassed and then she blew me.

She's awesome btw.. we never dated though.
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bbc - bareback, beach nudist

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