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In ancient rome
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Old 01-13-2018, 05:40 PM
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Default In ancient rome

Strange as it may seem in the days of the Romans sometimes a man would let another man fuck his wife to seal a deal or city favour with someone in power.

There are times when a woman is barren the husband lets other men fuck his wife even at parties to prove it was not his failure. For she is barren and he is not. Different times when men were proud, corrupt and often stupid or ignorant. But shame and sexual humiliation were often commonplace even a daily occurrence.

There are in fact many instances of women being punished or threatened of punishment by the possibility of being raped by a African male slave.

But in secret many if these slaves would spend their semen elsewhere to spare other female slaves getting pregnant... well if they could. So female slaves may have orallybharvested or jerked off male slaves to spare themselves an unwelcome pregnancy.

Many Roman wives would use certain herbs as birth control.. Or clean their uterus out with citrus after sex. So when their husband was out they could have negro slaves ravage them as often as they liked.. and keep it secret.

How could a husband know? Slaves were always about the rich and wicked.. and if a negro man was ordered to fuck the wife or domina of the household he had to!

In fact some husband's who were too drunk to fuck would often leave the wife to grow bored and find other means of release. So in those times you did what you wanted and kept it secret.

There are even instances of daughters who wanted to marry practicing oral arts on male slaves to make sure they wouldn't end up being overlooked for marriage. But if a girl demanded to be allowed to blow a slave can you say no if it could get you whipped or executed.

Black male slaves were probably being milked for their semen several times a day. It is even said some religious women believed drinking sperm would keep them young and would often ask male slaves to put it into their wine. Imagine several Roman ladies talking about their business and ordering male slaves to masturbate for them. But probably all males had to do it from time to time.

Perhaps they used it as a dip for their bread or crackers?

One wonders how many Roman women also demanded make slaves to ejaculate all over their chest so they could rub it on themselves as a lotion.

Let's hope these males were given more water or food to allow them to produce as much of this stuff as they like.

It is also said Roman priestesses of Aphrodite and other goddesses would ask for semen as tribute to their goddess at the temple.

So even some Roman women who didn't like sex probably had to jerk off their male slaves into a bowl at the temple to get favor from Aphrodite. She was a lot more perverted that the other gods and goddesses apparently.

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Blood and sand
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Old 01-13-2018, 05:52 PM
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Default Blood and sand

The Netflix tv series Spartacus Blood & Sand is a perfect example of the life of slaves.. sexual mistreatment murder and assassination and politics. Oh and you get to see the tits of Lucy lawless Xena a lot!

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