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Confession: How I was fucked, bred and impregnated by 6 black men
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Old 07-19-2022, 12:08 PM
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Default Confession: How I was fucked, bred and impregnated by 6 black men

Hi there, my name is Erin, I am a 26 year old nurse from New York City, athletic and I am currently 8-months pregnant. I'm not much of a story writer so I am just writing about what happened to me and how I got knocked up but before that, a little backstory about me and my family's history with race.

So it's not a history my family (father’s side of the family) is particularly proud of, ashamed of it actually but I am descended from slave-owners who owned cotton plantations back in Georgia. However, after the Civil War, since our family did financially support the Confederacy, the United States government seized our farms and our family had to move around to Texas, Missouri and finally settling down in Georgia, South Carolina and Indiana.

Today however, we are socially liberal, progressive, I participated in the BLM protests back in 2020 and I am 8-months pregnant with a mixed-race baby. Now to that story.

Normally on my days off, I would spend that day either at a library (I just like the environment of it), at the gym or playing basketball at the local courts here in Brooklyn. In one of those days, as I was walking back home from the gym, I saw a group of six Haitian guys playing a basketball at the courts just outside my apartment. I asked them if I could join and they agreed.

They were really cool people, so I got to chatting with them and ended up inviting them back to my place for drinks and takeout. I didn't have much of a social life so I figured I'd try to be a bit more social by inviting them over.

I was still dressed in my workout clothes, a black sports bra, a pair of black, short Nike bike shorts and a black flower decor lace choker around my neck, while my hair was tied back in a ponytail. However, I was also covered in sweat. With that said, I excused myself from our dinner in my living room and went off to quickly take a shower.

When I came back, I was covered only in a white bathrobe and my hair flowing down to my shoulders. During our dinner, I did have some champagne to drink but I mostly just drank Pepsi and Sprite. I don't generally like drinking alcohol but I do keep some cases of beer in my fridge just in case I have guests.

As the evening went on, the guys started getting a bit more drunk, while also started to get a bit more touchy. They were running their hands up my legs, grabbing me by the waist and even cupping my breasts. I kinda liked the attention so I let them and pretended not to notice it.

Can't exactly remember what happened next but next thing I knew they've opened my robe revealing my breasts and lightly trimmed pussy. I stood up to close it back up and tie it, but as I stood, one of the guys tore down my robe revealing my fully naked body. I stood there, frozen and shocked, unsure of what to do next.

As I stood there, the guys started gathering around me and started grabbing, groping and fingering me. I tried to bring it back under control by trying to wrap up the evening and get dressed again.

However, while I tried to do that, I was grabbed from behind, turned around and one of the guys pressed a kiss on my lips. While he was making out with me, I felt fingers being pushed up my tight and still dry pussy, and fingers pinching on my nipples. I knew what was about to happen next but unsure of what to do about it as so many options were running through my mind, not one of them really sticking.

The guy kissing me then stopped, lifted me up and laid me down on the coffee table. He then spread my legs, took position and he along with the five other guys started unzipping their pants and undressing. As this was happening, two guys to either side of me were pinning my hands down, while three other guys were holding my legs open, sucking on my breasts and fingering my pussy.

I have done a gang bang before back in college (edit: I did a year of med school before dropping out to do nursing instead), but I've never been fucked by six guys all at one time. More than that, I don't take birth control pills and was afraid of getting pregnant, so I started asking them if they had condoms and if they could only take turns on me, one at a time, but my questions and pleas fell on deaf ears.

As I laid there, I felt a cock pushing up inside of me, I looked down to see the man between my legs, pushing inside my slightly wet-ish but still dry pussy. I took a deep breath, trying to brace myself as he started fucking me. He started thrusting in and out of me, picking up pace as I moaned, squealed and gasped for air as he assaulted my vagina. After a few minutes of him fucking me, while grabbing my breasts, I could feel him picking up speed. Knowing what was about to happen next, I begged him to pull out of me, asking him to cum on my face or on my breasts instead but to no avail as he shot his cum deep inside of me.

As he exited, I could feel his load pouring out of me and coating the insides of my vagina but as he pulled away, another guy then took his place between my legs, pushing his cock inside of me. I was still tight, but his cock slipped inside me much more easily due to the first man’s cock lubricating my vaginal walls. The six men then took turns fucking me, making me suck them off (before and after they fucked me vaginally) and fucked me in multiple positions in various parts of my apartment. I was fucked on the living room coffee table, on the couch, bent over a foot stool, laid down on the stovetop which thankfully was off and finally on my bed.

For the next four to six hour, they took turns fucking me, resting before coming back for seconds, raping me with a bottle, raping me anally which caused me to scream and cry as I was an anal virgin and cleaning their dick either by using my mouth or wiping their cum on my hair. I was used, slapped around, dominated and felt helpless but this was honestly turning me on. While the fucked me, they also forced my mouth open to make me drink beer to loosen me up as my muscles were a bit tense and my body was still giving some resistance. This continued until I finally passed out.

When I woke up the next morning, my pussy was sore with cum dripping out of it, my breasts, face, hair and stomach were covered in cum, and dried cum, tears and mascara were coating my face. I limped around the apartment, finding two of the six guys fast asleep in the living room.

After taking a bath, I got out of the shower and started cooking breakfast for me and the remaining guests. The three of us then ate breakfast in my kitchen, with them fully dressed but me still but naked.

I thought the two guys would leave after I finished, but as I was washing the dishes, one of them grabbed me by the waist, pulled me to the living room and made me start sucking him off while he watched TV. After a while, he made me stop, laid me down on the couch, spread my legs and started fucking me again. This time, I didn’t beg, offered no resistance and just laid there taking it. These two guys then spent much of the morning and early afternoon fucking me and making me suck them off.

Now, fast forward to July 2022, I am eight months pregnant, looking forward to welcoming my half-black baby boy inside of me. I have not told this story to anyone at all. My family knows the father of my child is black but as far as they’re concerned, I got pregnant from a one-night stand. While my parents and my mom’s side of the family are very supportive of me and my unborn son.

I used to (and still do) enjoy reading stories of other white girls being bred, by black and other colored men, it’s something I’ve fantasized a lot myself but I can now say that it’s actually finally happened to me as well. I am officially black bred and to celebrate this fact, after I give birth, I plan to have a map of Africa tattooed at the top of my vagina to show how my womb was colonized by black men.

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Old 09-30-2022, 05:42 PM
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Have you had you Son yet? Did you see more of these guys after that time?
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Old 09-30-2022, 07:10 PM
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Congratuletions. My wife and me have two boys of African men
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Old 10-01-2022, 05:11 PM
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Awesome, all white women should be black bred, many black babies, and husbands should
Support and raise the babies as their own, and provide the best of everything for them.
Black race is superior, always has been, always will be.
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Old 11-30-2022, 10:36 PM
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Default Good

We need more like this
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Old 03-19-2023, 02:43 AM
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you lucky girl! Black men doing what they do best, getting women knocked dup, and, abandoning their own children never to support them. your parents will be so proud! Hey, my wife and I have three teen daughters, do you recommend we allow them to date black men? Because they sure do seem to get alot of attention especially the High school freshman!
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Old 04-06-2023, 08:25 PM
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I hope we hear back from you and you fill us in on how your doing and if you had the baby?
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Old 04-07-2023, 01:09 AM
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„Nurses“ don‘t go to „med school“. They go to nursing school. Big difference.
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Old 04-07-2023, 05:07 AM
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That is so true. Then more college for Masters, LPN, NP or PA.
My 1st BBC since the very first when I was 17 did the deed to my 43 yr old body Confession: How I was fucked, bred and impregnated by 6 black men-2568df28-655f-4e56-a6ea-b637e8dc7bf1.jpg

Confession: How I was fucked, bred and impregnated by 6 black men-95676de4-d006-48de-9ece-ec2978df309f.jpg

Confession: How I was fucked, bred and impregnated by 6 black men-9ce37407-8ebd-445b-9f27-e83110aba320.jpg

Confession: How I was fucked, bred and impregnated by 6 black men-78d96146-2136-48da-a74d-cde19912ab53.jpg
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Lucky girl
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Old 06-11-2023, 11:12 PM
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Default Lucky girl

I hope to be you. I want a black baby so bad. I wasted so many years with a worthless white Boy Friend who dumped me. My biological clock is almost run out and I want to be a mother. I have a good job, family, black lover and all. I never use any Birth Control and so far I have not gotten preggers yet. Now I only have sex with Black men.
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black breeding, forced, gangbang, pregnancy, submissive

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