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Wife pregnant by black man... gives birth to healthy baby boy
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Old 08-25-2010, 09:44 PM
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Default Wife pregnant by black man... gives birth to healthy baby boy

We had been together for eight years, and she had always wanted a family. It was our one bone of contention, I had no interest in kids and she couldn’t get enough of them. We agreed that after the wedding we would give it a go, and she was so excited.

The big day came, a great wedding and beautiful romantic wedding night, she was ovulating so I fucked hard all night and left her pussy a sloppy mess…..but, nothing so again next month…still nothing…and the next….Turns out my sperm count is next to nothing. We tried everything after that and talked to everyone in the business…still no luck.After eight months I could see the frustration in her, especially when she saw women who were pregnant, she tried to hide it but I could she her judging me. The arguments began, and following one blistering row she hinted at needing more of a man….I stopped her in her tracks and said “whats stopping you” we both froze and then with my heart pounding I added, “well?” We both blushed and gradually began to talk about it . We waited til she was in her fertile phase and headed off looking to breed her, different hotel same city. This time I enjoyed dressing her in some of her sexiest clothes, a short fitted skirt and some nice heels. We took in some new clubs and bars.The hotel bar had a pretty cool jazz band playing and we continued our drinking there. My wife was getting more frisky at this point, and beginning to dance a little and eyeing up the musicians. I saw her catch and hold the eye of the tall black bass player in particular, she would clap flirtatiously when they finished a set.
When the band finished she rushed over to the handsome black man and invited him to join us, when he refused she “mock pleaded” with him till he did. They came back over to me and sat on the couch opposite me. He introduced himself and I bought him a drink as we talked music small talk, as I did my wife would flirt and interject. I could see this red blooded man trying not to stare as she would expose or move her body in front of him. She was oozing fertility, everything about her said fuck me. I managed to snap a couple of pics of them as she kneeled of the couch over him. She began to spread her legs slightly and stroke his hand, he became focused on her as I spoke to him until I suggested we take our drinks to our room…she grinned at me and took his hand.As we got to the elevator he held her ass, and once the door closed Miranda pressed herself against him and began to kiss his huge muscular black neck, his two massive hands lifted her ass pressing her groin to his, she chuckled, I could see why, his great cock standing to attention visible beneath his trousers, throbbing against her belly. They kissed, and kissed like animals, their tongues tied and twisted as he lapped her open mouth. The elevator stopped and we moved to the room, as I fumbled for the keys they stood next to me, he ran a finger up between her legs, she gasped. That gasp she would make as her cunt was spread, by that sound alone I knew that this black mans hand was violating my wife, parting her wet vulva, sliding into her.The door opened, I ushered them in, they ignored me, and pushed on into the room almost to the bed. She dropped to her knees and like a pro and unzipped him (as he took his shirt off). We both stared, this tall muscled man had an enormous black cock which pulsed as it grew in from of my wife, he pushed her head toward it and she ran her tongue up to the tip. A large bead of his pre-cum rolled out and she caught it with her lip as she took his whole cock head into her mouth. Her left hand rolled back his foreskin completely and pressed into the base of his huge shaft, his cock grew again, each vein bulged.Watching my pale white wife wrap her pink tongue and mouth around the rock hard penis of this dark African man I began to realise that this could end in a pregnancy, we hadn’t discussed this and it would be very difficult to hide, I was beginning to get uneasy.I was jolted from my thoughts as he released a long deep resonant growl, I though he was cumming, but no……he was just getting started. He grabbed her head and pulled her mouth off him and stood her up, kissing her wildly again. I asked him to let me undress her, he agreed but didn’t stop groping her. As I unbuttoned her top and unhooked her bra and took them off together he licked her neck and with a firm push drove his index finger up into her cunt, she jolted as he touched her cervix and she clutched his wide shoulders. “I’m fertile” she whispered, he looked at her then at me and then holding my gaze he pushed me back and immediately lifted her up so her tits where at his mouth level, she clasped her legs around him. He suckled her as she groaned and moaned then lay her down on the bed.He kneeled above her spread legs, only a thin yellow G-string protecting Miranda's wet pussy from his hard dark meat. By this stage a steady stream of clear precum was running from his cock, ready to lube this tight white pussy He raised her ankles and brought her legs together to slide off her tight skirt and the last of her underwear. He brought his hips closer to her and as he opened her legs again he pushed, his cockhead searching for that precious entry.I moved to my wife’s side, she was still panting and staring into his eyes. She grimaced as he tried again to enter her. “are you sure “ I asked, shouldn’t we wait…”No, sit down” came her reply. He thrust again, this time got her, she yelped as her labia were stretched and his cock found the entrance to her vagina. He changed pace, now slowly and gently he eased himself into her, kissing and licking her tits and body as he did, biting her lower lip as she opened her mouth to let out moan after moan. I could see what was happening, I could see the signs, her panting increased with each inch of his huge tool, she began to curl herself up, arching her pelvis into him. With that his cock sank balls deep in her, it was too much for her, she gritted her teeth and began to release a long loud cry as she clasped onto his neck. She was cumming hard and he knew it, he was pushing against her cervix and his pace quickened as he felt her pussy spasm around him.It was amazing to watch, these two creatures, Black and White, life creating life. Miranda's white fertile womb doing all it could to get the black mans seed. He was so strong and she was so yielding.His thrusts had becoming a hard rocking motion, my wife clinging to him still cumming, tears running down her face, mouth wide open. As the slapping sound of his balls on her ass became furious, he brought his head up til they were nose to nose, the sweat beading all over them both, his eyes widening then….he roared, as he contracted around her, and again and again, A powerful wave was visible at the root of his cock, you could actually see his load being shot down his huge pulsating sperm pipe. His ass pulsed as each rope of thick sperm was shot into her, he began to shake, it continued again….I was watching him inseminate my ovulating wife, he kept kissing her and cumming in her for about five minutes and even then she didn’t want him out of her, instead they curled up in spoons position with his cock still inside her. After a jacking off in the bathroom I came back into the room and curled up in front of my wife on the bed. Her lover had already fallen asleep and my wife and I looked dreamily into each others eyes. His big black arms held her, a black hand on the belly he had just filled. I fell asleep.

I awoke with the light of day on my closed eyelids (and a sore head) and the light caressing kisses of my lady as she rhythmically kissed my lips. On opening my eyes I realised her kisses were rhythmic as her black lover was gently fucking her from behind, I smiled and kissed her more then played with her nipples as the fucking got harder. This time I was looking straight into her eyes as both she and her black lover came. Her lip would quiver as her eyes widen with each pulse of his cock. His semen filling her again, making sure, making a baby.
About an hour later he got up and left, he left her a card with his number kissed her goodbye and that was it. We lay on the bed and slept and talked until about 2 in the afternoon. When she did sit up on the edge of the bed a huge torrent of clear runny semen gushed from her used slit, she moaned and clutching her pussy she ran to the bathroom. We spent the rest of the weekend holding hands and staring at each other….we actually were more in love than ever. My wife confessed that she was sore for about four days after the ordeal. Three weeks later and with no period she took a pregnancy test and of course it was positive, I nearly collapsed but we are delighted.

The whole incident has brought about huge changes in our relationship.
She is now 37 weeks along and not long to go, I am fucking her daily as semen is supposed to induce labour.

Update: My wife gave birth to a very big, very black baby boy yesterday morning at 3:04am. Both mother and baby are doing well. He weighs in a 11lbs 8oz and we are both delighted , if a little exhausted. I cannot believe the he fit through my wifes small white pelvis, but nature is amazing. The fact that a one night stand with her black lover was enough to do what I couldn’t do in 9 months says a lot. I wonder if her lover has any idea that he impregnated her that night and that his child has been brought into the world? My wife is already hinting at another baby….so watch this space.

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Old 08-25-2010, 11:33 PM
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Hot story..... I personally LOVE impregnation fantasy
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you're so lucky
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Old 09-24-2010, 12:28 AM
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Default you're so lucky

My wife and I tried to get her black pregnant once before we went on vacation together. She actually missed a period so we thought she was but were fooled. I never enjoyed making log slow pationate love to my wife as I did when I thought there was a black baby growing in her
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Old 09-30-2010, 11:45 PM
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I hear that, just lying next to her and resting my hand on her belly knowing that another mans child was growing inside her was fantastic.

One of my favourite turn ons is looking through our wwedding album knowing that in only a few short years I would get to watch a black man thrust and grunt and pump every drop of himself into her ......beautiful.

PS- she is working on another
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Sorry but
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Old 10-01-2010, 03:59 AM
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Default Sorry but

The size of the baby is too big for vaginal birth.
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Sorry but....
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Old 10-01-2010, 11:56 PM
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Default Sorry but....

Actually not, she did have an issue with shoulders being stuck but they sorted it...she also had an epi and pain relief......but she managed.
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Sexy story
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Old 12-24-2011, 03:46 AM
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Thumbs up Sexy story

Wow , thats a hot story and i enjoyed reading it . How about some updates on how you and the wife ( baby also ) have been doing . whats happened in the last year or so ?
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Old 01-21-2012, 07:39 PM
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Default Congratulations!

Absolutely fantastic thread and thanks so much for taking the time to tell everyone in such sensual elaborate detail! Hope your wife and young one are still doing well.
Be safe,
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Old 02-07-2015, 12:39 PM
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Wink Pictures

Love hearing your story, any pictures of your wife and child?
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Old 03-27-2015, 05:16 AM
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nice, but i remember that my mom got knock up by her black lover when i was 18 years old and she didnt know she was pregnant unitl she went to the hospital eight months later and my dad was shock as my mom. the doctor and nurse did not no what to say but it was quiet and my baby brother was crying in her arms. my mom was happy but nervous about my dad unitl he told her that it was ok and they will work it out later. the next morning she was breast feeding to the baby with her huge breast that grew during the pregnance. my mom lover walk in to the room and i was just there and my dad left early in the moring. he saw me and said hi to me and look at my mom and she at him with passion in both of them. my mom said her is are baby. he look at both with pride. kiss both of them and said to her ..if she is ok with the baby. my mom look at him and told him it was her dream to have a black baby. than he told her ,it was his too. the months past and my mom and dad speartate and my mom went to live with troy . i sometimes went to visit my mom on the weekends. but my mom was really happy with troy since ever other year my mom had his babies. so my mom had for the six years four babys more with troy.
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