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My Wife hides as 4 black men shower...
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Old 03-09-2011, 05:18 PM
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Default My Wife hides as 4 black men shower...

Hi all.

A little bit of background.

I`m 48 and my wife is 45. She is good looking, big titties (34 E/ boob job) 28 38 - past shoulder blonde hair, does not look her age at all - she looks about mid 30`s. I look a similar age.

Few years ago when we watched porn, she told me she did not like looking at the girls and she just wanted to watch the solo guys.

So, like a good husband, I downloaded vids of guys, mainly with big cocks.

When watching she would say "don`t like him, too skinny" and other things, so I started to let her decide what vids to watch from the thumbnails.

To get to the point, turns out she want to watch big (6 foot plus) muscular (she calls `meaty`) youngish (25-35) black men with big tools (lots of times she will say "go to the next one, he`s not very big" as I sit watching a guy with about 8" - I`m about 51/2 hard)

So, we watch and she either wanks me or fucks me, making fun of me as we go about the size of the guys compared to me

Now this is where it gets `spooky` lol

A few weeks ago she said "find me some vids of black guys fucking white women hard from behind. I want to watch them as you fuck me. I can then pretend you are a black man fucking me from behind" She then said "I`ll obviously have to use my imagination when u fuck me because of the size of your small cock"

Now she asks for different things "Get some vids of black guys gangbanging a girl" "Get some vids of a girl sitting on a black guy and I can do it with u and pretend u r black"

So I said to her "I thought u didnt like seeing girls getting fucked" and she said "I don`t mind if its by a black man"

She even seems to have fun watching. I said the other day "He is gonna fuck her ass now" and she said, in a funny way "Oh no, poor girl, he is huge"

Anyway, she works for a big perfume company on the international market.

She has just phoned me about an hour ago to let me know what happened.

She stays in a small hotel just near Paris (near Charles D airport) 6 bedrooms (I`ve been once)

The hotel has a `split` bathroom area male and female. The female part has only one shower unit with a `saloon door` style door on it. The mens shower area has a door on it. The men have to walk through the female shower area "towels must be worn" is the sign in a variety of languages"

So there is my wife, in the shower and she hears voices. She peeps over the top of the door of her shower and see 4 guys walking through with only towels on - they would not notice my wife as they walk through a door with their back to her shower unit. They walk into the Mens shower area but the door is left open. So she like peeps from behind her door as the guys fire up their showers and start to drop their towels!!!

So the spooky bit? After all I was saying earlier, they are all athletic, strong black guys!!! She said she could not believe it and she got very turned on. She told me in detail what happened cause she knew I would be wanking. She started to feel herself as she watched the guys shower - she loves watching black me soap themselves up. To jump on a little, she said she started to play with herself while watching and she made herself cum a few times.

According to my wife, they all looked a decent size and one, she said, looked very big!!! THey were all speaking French, my wife speaks a little French. She said they played rugby and they were talking about a match and that was about it.

3 of the guys finished their shower and said they were going to the sunbed, or something like that. One of the guys stayed to finish his shower. Or so he said.

My Wife said that when the 3 other guys had gone, the remaining guy (not the very big one btw ) started to wank. He kept coming over to the door of the Mens changing room to listen out, but still didnt notice my wife in the shower - she had turned it off by now. The guy then turned off the mens showers and she said he sat in a seat and got some kind of oil and started to pour it into his hand. He then began rubbing it over his body and cock and he started to wank. My wife admitted this was so horny that she started to play with herself again. She said watching this guy with a tool bigger than mine by about 2 inches she guessed, was a turn on. She said she was about to cum again but she saw the guy tense up and she wanted to see him cum. She said he pointed his cock to the floor and came a lot!!!

After a few mins, the guy got his towel and walked out - cock now limp but looking big and proud swinging. So my Wife said she had to finish off again, so she turned the shower on to a fast, hard jet and came by pointing the show at her clit. She said she had the best orgasm she has had for years. Another thing she said was that she was so turned on that only being married had stopped her for going through when the 4 guys were there of when the 1 guy was wanking!!!

She is at the hotel for a few more days. The hotel has a mixed sauna. I have dared her to go into the sauna when these guys are in if they are there for a while. She said she would - she even said she is gonna shave down below just incase they come in when she is in!!!

I`ll keep u guys posted.

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Old 03-17-2011, 04:04 AM
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Wow, that sounds hot, I want to hear what happens next
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