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I got my Wife Hooked on BBC, is that wrong?
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Old 10-06-2013, 05:59 AM
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Default I got my Wife Hooked on BBC, is that wrong?

I have long known that I couldn't satisfy my wife, but after 3 kids it was a lost cause for me! She wouldn't complain but I could see it in her eyes! I love my wife very much and I didn't want to loose her so I gave her a choice! I would allow her to explore her sexuality and sleep with other guys as long as I knew. She was reluctant at first but I finally persuaded her to have an orgy with me and another couple. We went to their house after the bars and started to mess around! I had drank too much but the other guy was as hard as a rock! So I ate pussy mostly while took turns Fucking both girls! It was a fun couple hours and we let with 2 conclusions! My dick didn't work well under pressure and that my Wife Loved being Fucked in front of me! And cause it was harder to find an attractive couple than to find a hot guy for her, so she became a hot wife and I became the watcher! She enjoyed that for a while but it started to bore her so I mentioned trying a Black Lover, she was very shy cause she had only been around a few black people. But she finally found a guy she was attracted to and we set it up. He would come over and I would be in the next room. When the night arrived she was in her tight pink dress, he walked in sweatpants and a t shirt. He was very fit he had a body like a football player, and you could see his outline of his cock ( his soft cock was longer and thicker than my fully erect penis)! We had a few beers and she told him she had never had a Black guy and was a little scared he would be too much for her! He said not to worry that he would stop the instant she wanted him to. After a few beers my wife found her courage and led him into the bed. She took of her dress and played down, he took his clothes off and his fully erect Cock was 9 1/2 and 7 wide! He stated kissing her neck and her breasts then started to lick her pussy. After a few minutes she had her first of many Orgasms! He climbed on top of her and slowly pushed his Cock into her wet pussy! He took his time and got all but a lil inside her, then he started to slid his Cock in and out very slowly but very deep! She started to cry out and moan and beg him to go deeper until and harder till she Exploded with a full body Orgasm that lasted almost 2 min! He had the smoothest motion and had her Cumming every 3-5 minutes, after her third orgasm she begged him to let her suck his Cock! She took off his condom and started making out with his Cock! She said she wouldnt kiss him or suck his Cock before he got there but now she was in love with his Cock and was showing it! She begged him to Cum in her mouth so she could taste him, but he wasn't done fucking her! He rolled her on her back and slid his Cock in and put her legs up to her head and put it down!! She was so loud I was worried he was killing her!! But she was in sexual heaven!! So much so that after she sucked his Cock he went to put another condom on and she stopped him! She wanted to feel his Cock Completely filling every part of her Pussy! So he Fucked her the rest of the night bareback!! By the time he was done(3 1/2 hours later, 21 orgasms for my wife and 2 for her lover) she had swallowed his first load not missing a drop! He Fucked her in every single position, and she was kissing him so intimate that you would have thought they were in love! Over and over she came and as he was about to Cum she wrapped her legs around him and held him inside her and he Came deep inside her!! She held him for a while, she was whispering somthing (she never did tell me, but I can imagine)! They sat up she gave him a passionate kiss then he left! She just played on the bed, it was soaked from sweat and Cum and when she looked at me her eyes looked drunk but it wasn't the beer, she had been Fucked sensless for the first time in her life at the age of 33! Needless to say she did see that guy a few more times then he moved, but he had got her hooked on Black Cock! Now she Only has Black Lovers, and she has worked her way up to her current boyfriend who has a 11 inch cock! It is Absolutely true that Black guys are better in bed and once you go Black( Really go Black) you don't come back! She makes all her Lovers get tested so that they can All Fuck her bareback and Cum all over and in her! She still loves me and cares for me but we both know who she wants to be with! We have come along ways since our first time, now we have a house with a guest house in back and she will only rent it out to Hot Black College guys! Then she Always seduces them(no one can resist) and then has a live in lover!! After the kids are in bed she invites him into our bedroom and she gets her nightly Fucking! I usually sleep in the spare room next to our room, and listen to him pounding her!! It is because of me that she is Hooked on Black Cock, but she is getting the best sex she can and is it right to keep her from that just cause I can't please her? All of her Black Lovers were 10xs better than any white lovers were! So did I do right or wrong!
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