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Cuckold fantasy: Part 2
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Old 10-20-2011, 06:57 PM
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Default Cuckold fantasy: Part 2

To which she replied, no, it was her master’s turn tonight and I might get some tail the next night. I was allowed to clean her in our bath and that was it. Washing her well fucked pussy was very exciting. I could not believe the amount of cum dribbling out. She told me that her Master wished to meet me, and thank me for the wonderful fuck he had enjoyed. I thought that this could actually be the start of a fantasy I had toyed with for a while. Me playing second fiddle, to another man. Leroy and I met the following week at our house, and he was very happy to meet and talk about his experience. What he said he enjoyed the most was having complete and utter sexual control over another white mans wife with the husband’s knowledge. He said I love it how I know that if I say stand up wife, and take off all your clothes, that your wife will do that. I said, that would be so utterly degrading, to be degraded was fantastic. I told him that he was truly the master and I was his boy. I wanted him to take complete control and do as he wished. Leroy said, to have complete control, it would mean I was no longer allowed sexual intercourse with my wife, and that my hand would be my only release. Leroy also said that if I was to be a true cuckold, I would be required to ready my wife for his arrival and get her dressed and made up. I said that it would be my pleasure to ready my wife for your pleasure Leroy. He said Sir or Master would be his name from now on. Yes Master I replied, what is you wish. Leroy replied that what he felt like right now was a nice blow job followed by sex over the dining room table and once finished that I was to “clean up”! He called to my wife and ordered her to strip which she did very quickly. He then told her to get on her knees and suck his big black cock which she did with relish. It wasn’t long before he came buckets in her mouth and down her chin dripping onto her big breasts. Then he made her lean forward over the table, entered her from behind and started fucking her very hard. He looked at me during mid fuck, and said boy, yes Master I replied, get ready for your desert, thank you master I replied. He came deep inside her before long, and told me to lie on the ground and for her to squat over my face. The come that dribbled out of her went directly over my face. He said I want every drop of my cum swallowed boy. My wife said, taste the cum of my new master. He is the one that has use of my body now, not you anymore. My wife mentioned to Leroy that it would funny to see me jack off for their amusement, to which my new master said yes, on your knees boy and jerk off. It was the start to a new and exciting relationship with a Dominant Black man becoming, my Master. My wife served him completely, in any sexual manner he desired, and as far as I am concerned that is his absolute right.
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Old 12-15-2011, 05:23 AM
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Default fantasy

I. Thought both fantasies were awesome and wish they could become a reality..
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