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How my wife was talked into doing a bachelor party
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Old 02-04-2013, 04:48 PM
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Default How my wife was talked into doing a bachelor party

Last June of 2012 my wife Gina had made arrangements for an upcoming Saturday night to hook up with her favorite steady black lover Trevor. In the beginning he wore condoms but after getting to know Trevor much better over time having built up that mutual trust with one another he has been bare backing my wife unleashing multiple loads of his cum deep inside my wife or in her mouth swallowing every last drop. I canít even remember the last time my wife swallowed my little load itís been that many years since. They set it up at one of the local motels where the two of them have met up a number of times over the past year at least three times a month give or take. The only difference is this time I was given permission to be there so I can video tape all the hot action. You see I was in need of some new video footage and I certainly got what I asked for. The kind of hot sex only a big cock make that a big black cock nearly twice as large than my smaller than average white dick can do to my wife. Mind blowing isnít it?

Oh well that should hold me for a while especially on those dayís Iím not wearing a CB6000S. She knows I jerk off to her videos even though she says she doesnít want me to Iíve come to realize itís her way of avoiding actual sex with me by not having me wear the CB cock cage full time. I usually wear it per Ginaís instructions three or four days leading up to a night plans were made to hook up with Trevor. Then when my wife returns home from her night out she unlocks me so I can get off either by having me jerk off to her description of her nights activities or allowing me to in her words stick it in of which I donít last more than a couple of minutes knowing how fucked up my head is over where she just came from A night of fucking her big black lover.

With or without me my wife prefers to arrive at the motel at least an hour earlier than his or any black loverís arrival for that matter to prepare her self for a hot day or night of sex. Upon her arrival itís always the same text his cell with the room number and then start getting ready for her black lover. She carries with her a rather large zip up soft travel bag. The kind of travel bag with side compartments that includes her makeup lingerie sexy dresses mini skirts hosiery some lotions and a pair or two of her favorite high heel shoes.

Some time later my wife finally stepped out of the bathroom all dressed up in a provocative outfit one that I have never seen before on her or made aware of. It must have been new for the occasion. I was totally mesmerized how hot she looked OK jealous too. Her hair and makeup were all done up to perfection. She was wearing a black velvety type soft lace up corset embellished with rhinestones just under the bra cups and down the boning on both sides to where the garters straps were attached to her stockings. Her outfit included a short black micro mini skirt black seamed stockings and wearing what she calls her famous pair of fuck me shoes. Shiny black platform vinyl pumps with 5 heels. That makes her nearly six foot tall. To tease me even further she turned around to have me attach the bottom two rows of double corset hooks in the back. God I wanted to eat her right then and there but she stepped away from me immediately after I closed the back hooks. She dressed up for him not me. Iím just the video guy for the night her cuckold.

I grabbed the video camera right away and asked her if I could do an interview with her before he arrives. She said yeah why not I wonít get into the details of the interview but I will say this she knows just how to play me all the right answers that fuck up my mind in a cuckold humiliating loser dick way. Moments later there was a knocking on the door. Heís here she said. I opened the door to let him in. Quickly I turned on the CD player I brought with us and as the music began to play the two of them went off to a place I have never been with my wife and never will. Not with the equipment I have to offer her thatís for dam sure. Average white guy here ok maybe below average enough said Camera on film at eleven. After a few hours of hot sex and two video tapes later the three of us sat around talking about various subjects and of course this lifestyle and her cuckolding me.

The subject came up when Trevor asked my wife if she has any fantasies on her mind that sheís willing to do or would like to do at some point in time. Actually I do my wife told him. I would really like to be used taken by a group of guys black preferably. It has been a fantasy of mine for a long time Joeyís too. And I know how much Joey would love to watch me sucking and fucking a group of black guys. The problem is we really donít know how to actually make it happen in a safe way if you know what I mean.

Trevor replied Wow very hot and a cool fantasy. Then he said You are not going to believe this but I think I can help you with that. Help? How? My wife said. We were both anxious to hear what he had to say. Especially me I was all ears since this is something I have always wanted to see my wife do getting gang banged by a bunch of well hung black guys. Trevor said I have a good friend that I work with thatís getting married next month. The guys my self included are planning to throw him a bachelor party on July 21st. Interesting go on my wife said. Then he added Most of the guys are married and they put me in charge of the nightís entertainment because they know Iím single and I like to fuck white woman like you he smirked. Then he said to my wife Gina Iím not kidding. If youíre serious and willing to go through with this fantasy of yours I can tell the guys that I hired just what they asked for a hot white stripper that also accepts you know tip money for sex at bachelor parties He said in a convincing way to my wife All you have to do is pretend make believe and just act like your a real stripper and for the extra tip money your willing to have sex with the guys. Joey burst out and said Holy Shit. Thatís a great idea Trev. It will be our dirty little secret and no one will be the wiser except the three of us I like it a lot I said turning towards my wife for her reaction. Trevor then asked my wife OK party girl what do you think? Do you want to do it or not itís your fantasy and I can make it happen? Then he added They are all really great guys you can trust me on that.

My wife had a lot of questions. I could tell her mind was racing at the thought of pretending to be a stripper slash party girl that accepts tips for sex at bachelor parties,

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Wifes Party
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Old 02-07-2013, 02:36 PM
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Default Wifes Party

Be patient, having trouble adding more about this true story
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