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Pregnant with black lovers baby
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Old 10-23-2009, 01:25 PM
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Default Pregnant with black lovers baby

My wife recently had an affair with a young black man and became pregnant. We are staying together and she is having the baby. Are there others out there that have experienced this? I'm looking for advice on how to handle with our families and friends. She is 40 and we have teenage children. Her lover is 19 and most likely will not be involved in the raising of his child. I would never have predicted I would be ok with this but I admit that it is very erotic to know a black baby is growing inside of her.
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Old 10-24-2009, 04:05 AM
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Of course it's erotic to realize your sweet (and thankfully still fertile) wife discovered the potency (not to mention the incredible pleasure) of a 19 year old African's seed deposited deep inside her, where it belongs. Getting the seed there, of course is the real reward.

I can't imagine the thrill as you watch her belly swell with the results of her black coupling and realize that in a few months you both will have a biracial treasure to add to your family. I'm not sure how your teenage children will take to the idea, so you better try to get prepared for that.

My only experience with the taboo nature of IR impregnation is restricted to those sweet white teenage mothers that I see out in public with their biracial baby, or young child. And as you pointed out, the black father is almost never in sight. I've often fantacized about the same result exhibited by a discerning white wife, who decides to satisfy her innermost desires and go black, without regard for the consequences, and overlooking the fact that African seed is so much more potent than the caucasion variety.

Congratulations to your wife, and yourself for supporting her new lifestyle.
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Old 10-26-2009, 07:36 AM
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damn u retarded, u yet that woman control u, now she'll do whatever and think its alright.
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well done xx
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Old 11-20-2009, 05:28 PM
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Default well done xx

congratulations on your wife's pregnancy, its one of the most erotic feelings knowing your wife is pregnant with a black mans baby growing inside her, she did really well to hook up with a 19 year old, how did she meet him,... as for telling your children that might be tricky telling them there mommy is pregnant with a black mans baby and that the farther is only 19 but hey, its an accomplishment, many women would love to be in your situation me being one of them, im all honey now lol xx
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Black pregnancy
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Old 04-04-2010, 05:12 PM
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Default Black pregnancy

Your are an ideal husband!


With more white women being enjoyed by black men, we must expect more black pregnancies; more white wives becoming black pregnant.

Pregnancy is not necessarily good or bad - just a natural consequence of doing what we are made to do!

Tell others that you love your wife - and want her happyness!
Being black pregnnt makes her happy...so you are happy too!

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black pregnant ... becoming as common as infidelity itself!
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Old 04-04-2010, 07:43 PM
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Smile black pregnant ... becoming as common as infidelity itself!

I have a feeling the shock to the teens will be that mom had a baby by another man, not necessarily a black man. As someone has already stated, its becoming quite common with white females. Its a choice THEY are making to have mix-raced children.
My wife and I frequent a local Outback restaurant, and over the last few years we have become close friends with several of the bartenders there. One, in particular, is a little, petite redhead that my wife and I have always thought was very cute. Last summer she told us that she was pregnant (2 months) by her boyfriend, and visit after visit we watched as her little petite tummy adjusted to the growing baby inside her. I was very much turned on by all this. In December 2009 she left to have her baby and we didn't see her for some time. One of the other bartenders told us she'd had a baby boy.
About a month ago we were at the Outback, sitting at the bar, when she came in caring her new baby and her boyfriend was with her ... you guessed it ... both black. Not sure why, but it caught both my wife and me by surprise, but none-the-less, it was an additional turn-on to me.
Not long ago I read a article in our local paper of the changing demographics. In fact, the fastest changing was biracial children where the male was black and female white.
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Old 04-04-2010, 08:54 PM
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Do you guys plan on raising this baby as her personal lover?
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6 months
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Old 04-04-2010, 09:35 PM
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Default 6 months

this was posted in october. now that she is roughly 6 months along, and probably obviously showing that she's been seeded, how are you handling it when people ask? are you telling them the real story?
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Old 04-10-2010, 01:06 AM
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mmmmm awesome
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Old 12-01-2010, 01:23 AM
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Only you can guess how your children and families will react to your wife's "indiscretion". If you can get things straight on those fronts, things should work out fairly well. If not, prepare for some real upheavals. We'd appreciate your keeping us posted.
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