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Sun Tanned BBC Lover.
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Old 09-10-2010, 11:10 AM
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Default Sun Tanned BBC Lover.

Sun Tanned beach slut Wife.

Going to the beach has taken on a whole different meaning for me! A couple of weeks ago, we decided to go to the beach to catch some rays. Because I had a few things to do around the house, I told her I might not be able to get to the beach at all. So she left, with me at home with a slim chance of going. After a couple of hours I was ready. I put on some bathers, and departed for the beach. When I got there, I saw my wifeís car in the car park, and made my way down to the beach to join her. She was not where we usually sunbath, I found her a bit further on, where the topless and nudist sun bathers are. I soon spotted her, sunning herself, without a top on. She has magnificent breasts that had a lot of naked men spotting hard ons in plain view, on towels watching her, in close proximity. I decided to have some fun with her. I positioned myself about 20 metres away from her. I texted her that I would not be making it, and bet her that she didnít have the nerve to have a strange man rub sun tan lotion on her. From where I was, I could see her laugh, put the phone back in her bag and sit up. Her breasts, naked for all to see, caused a few heads, all male!! to turn quite quickly. She called out to a very well built young black man, with a rather large penis; in her close proximity, who promptly got up, walked over, and sat down next to her, and from where I sat, could see an enormous erection starting to grow. I could see her looking blatantly right at it. What happened next made me rock hard. Because it was a nudist beach I removed my swim togs, and lay there naked. She handed her new stud a bottle of sun tan lotion, and gestured to her body that it needed applying. He gets on to his knees and of course, starts on her breasts. Picture this, a large black man, on his knees. Hard erect cock swaying in front of him bumping into my wifeís body. Rubbing suntan lotion, on to her ample tits, long thick cock swaying from side to side, fully erect, talking to her and pulling her long hard nipples so her breasts are being lifted off her chest! Her whole body was next. She shocked me next by removing her bottoms; legs pulled up and spread apart. His hands worked over her legs and finished up doing her bald pussy. From where I was looking, I could see the cunt Iíd fucked, shaved, kissed, licked and worshipped many times; with his fingers in it, working over time, working in and out. She said something to him and he stopped fingering her cunt and bought his cock to her mouth. He was so big she was only able to get the head of his big cock in her mouth, but with her hands she wanked it. Pretty soon he was coming; he shot his load primarily at her face. She opened her mouth and caught most of it. My cock was by now rock hard, and while a well built young black man was about to sample my 40 year old wife, all I had was my hand, which I started pumping my cock with, on my knees. There were other men watching and doing the same thing, we were all wanking our cocks. No one knew me and it felt very horny, slowly wanking myself and having another man touch her. It must have been quite a sight, 4 white men on their knees watching a well built black stud having his way with a white woman. It was not long before he rolled her on to her side, facing away from me, and judging by how his hips were moving, was pumping her pussy with his cock. His arms were over her front and his hands were grasping her large breasts. My cock was rock hard. He was fucking my beautiful wife and I was on my knees, furiously pumping my cock. Next he lay down, and she sat on his huge cock. I could quite clearly see his cock entering her. White men were spurting come left right and centre. My wife was watching us, and laughing. Her big breasts were dancing a merry jig hanging from her chest; the black man had her nipples in his mouth sucking on them like a new born baby. Soon he put her on her knees and took her from behind, it was amazing watching her getting fucked this way, her tits swaying; he took her nipples between his fingers and rode her like a horse. Seeing his orange sized ballsí slapping her thighs was heaven, I came, was instantly hard and continued wanking and came again. He came again inside her this time and then they both got up with him chasing her into the sea slapping her arse quite firmly, cum pouring out of her pussy, once in the sea, she lay on her back while the Black man, washed her pussy then sat her down on his cock whilst standing, and carried her out, cock right up her, lifting her up and down like a doll. I left soon after and was home before she arrived. I told her I was horny and wanted her, to which she replied, that she was more interested in me tonguing her out. Going down on her I noticed she was very red and swollen down there. I licked, kissed and sucked her well used pussy. I then said that I to needed some relieve, where by she told me to get on my knees in front of her and to start wanking myself, like I had watching her getting serviced on the beach. She had seen me!! She said you knew I have had cock in me and you attended to my cunt like it was honey. She said her new lover was coming round tonight, and things were going to be different, and that if I didnít like it, I could move out. I said that I loved her and, the thought of her having other cock was a huge turn on. She said thatís fine and that I would be playing second fiddle, to her new lover, and that I was to make myself scarce. She told me she wanted privacy whilst her lover was servicing her. I wanked myself in front of her, and she commented, that I needed to know that taking her for granted was a thing of the past, and although she loved me, she craved bigger cock. She told me she was looking forward to being filled up with a decent sized cock and that my small penis was a joke compared to her new lovers. I left soon after, and parked my car away from the house and made my way back there, entering the basement. I crawled over to where the bedroom was and waited. He turned up a short while later, and wasted no time getting my wife to bed. I could hear her tell him he was much bigger than her husband. He said, he sounds like a wimp; no wonder you need real cock. I did want to watch, so I made my way into the house and stood just out of the bedroom watching though the crack in the door. He was deep stroking her on her back, then flipped her onto her knees, and started fucking her from behind. His cock was huge. He was starting to trust harder, his massive balls slapping her thighs. All of a sudden he pulled out of her, told her to turn around and open her mouth. She never lets me do that. He then proceeded to cum in her mouth. I heard her choking, and swallowing furiously. When he was finished, he turned her around again, and started fucking her again. He told her to grab her arse cheeks and spread them. He held her forearms, and that made her helpless as he thrust his big cock in her. He was hammering her cunt, her big tits slapping together in gleeful unison, she was squealing like a pig. It was not long before he was coming again, this time in her. When he finished coming, he pulled out and there was a river of come spurting out of her. He looked like he was finished so I quickly let myself out, and came back about an hour later. Her new stud had gone and she had tidied things up and was looking rather happy with herself. She said she had a confession to make, and that I might be unhappy. I said, fire away sweetheart. She told me, that she enjoyed being fucked by her young lover, and that he would be back to service her twice a week. A couple of nights later, I met ďLeroyĒ, he happened to be a very nice young man. He asked me what it felt like having my wife serviced by him. I said that I was very jealous, and more than a little degraded by a man half my age enjoying my wifeís body, but quite alright with it. My wife said when Leroy was there to service her; I was to remain outside the bedroom. It was amazing, talking to him one minute, and the next he was slipping his cock into my wifeís pussy. He commented on her skillful blowjobs and said that he loved it how she held his big balls and looked up to him with her mouth full of cock. We had Leroy over for dinner one night and thatís when my ultimate fantasy came true. Leroy was at one end of the table, I was at the other end. Leroy told my wife to serve us topless! Everytime she served Leroy, he would touch her. Either put his finger inside her, slap he arse or fondle her breasts. After we finished dinner, Leroy told her to get under the table and to suck his cock, but not to swallow his cum like she usually did. He wanted her to have it dribble down her chin and breasts. Leroy told me to watch his face. It was a story of pure pleasure as my wife slowly bought her black master to orgasm. Playing cuckold Husband to my BBC loving wife is a dream come true. Leroy uses her in any way he desires
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Hot story
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Old 09-10-2010, 09:03 PM
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Default Hot story

Love your story, Leroy still hitting it regular?
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Old 09-12-2010, 01:11 AM
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Originally Posted by notact View Post
Love your story, Leroy still hitting it regular?
Only a fantasy at this stage but we are working on it..
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Old 09-12-2010, 09:12 AM
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great story hope it comes true for you soon
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Old 09-15-2010, 02:05 AM
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i'm with mandy and brian
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