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Blonde girl new to Los Angeles
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Old 07-13-2017, 03:38 AM
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Smile Blonde girl new to Los Angeles

Coming from North Dakota originally I hadn't really had a lot of black friends growing up and through college. As a drama major at Univ. of N. Dakota I dreamed of pursuing Hollywood stardom and after saving money for several years I finally took the plunge and moved to sunny California.
It really is a different world out here, especially coming from such a white, rural background. I'm of norwegian and swedish descent, so very fair skinned. I was still dating my college bf Seth long distance and the plan was as soon as he finished grad school he would move out here with me.

Like the millions of other girls out here trying to make it, I had to work as a barista and waitress to help ends meet between auditions. I was working at the coffee bean on Hillhurst Avenue inLos Feliz when I first met Marc in October of 2012. As I was serving him coffee we chit chatted and it came up he worked in the entertainment industry producing a reality tv show.
Marc was 39, I was 25 at the time. He was a tall, lanky black man with medium dark skin, sharply dressed. When it came up I was here to break in as an actress he said he was big on helping actors and actresses get auditions and asked if we could exchange e-mails. I f you know anything about Hollywood it's all about who you know, so I figured why not and wrote my e-mail addy on the back of his receipt. I didn't think much more about it that day.
Soon after I received an e-mail from Marc "what up Alana, I'm putting the word out there about you any chance I can get, really want to see you on the big screen soon you have the look and I think talent to do this. Hit me up anytime, we should get lunch or a drink sometime soon to discuss your future. Stick with me baby and an exciting future awaits!"
We started to communicate via instant messaging soon after, mostly about auditions and L.A., etc. I was surprised at my new friend, he seemed like a good connection and was genuinely interested in my success as an actress.
We chatted on messenger for a week or so and ultimately agreed to exchange numbers, as it would be easier to communicate. I'd made it clear I was in a relationship and he said he was cool with that, so it didn't feel like I was cheating or anything. We would text sporadically at first and he began to playfully flirt at times. He also suggested I should tweak my look and go with a little less of the bohemian look and more of an L.A., somewhat Kardashian style but most importantly I get my blonde hair bleached. He urged me that it would help with auditions so i put some thought into it.
We'd known each other for a few weeks and gradually our texting increased. Going from occasionally to a little more to more and more as we got to know each other. We shared a similar humor and he showered me with compliments about my beauty and talent. It was exciting to know someone who worked in reality tv, he also was an aspiring hip hop artist on the side. We would talk music and culture quite often over text and soon after over the phone. Soon we were talking daily and it helped me begin to trust him enough to meet for coffee or lunch here and there.
I noticed on his facebook his exes were white and often actress/model types. I guess I was naive but I didn't connect that with our situation and what Marc was working towards.
We'd known each other about 3 weeks when he convinced me to attend a Clippers basketball game with him. I found a cute Clippers top in their online store and Marc bought me a snapback baseball hat with the flat brim to wear with it. The game was a lot of fun, It was our first night out together and even though I'd made it clear we were just friends I was beginning to feel new interesting emotions when we were together.
We agreed we would see another game together and we started to text even more after that night. I didn't tell Seth about Marc because I knew he would freak out and not understand our friendship. Marc agreed it was best not to tell him about us hanging out just to keep things simpler.
I started going to his open mic and hip hop club nights, first with a friend from the coffee shop but soon with Marc himself. I was experimenting with new outfits and a more urban chic look to fit my new lifestyle in the West Hollywood nightlife.
By now I was starting to think about Marc and more, we'd text and it was fun to flirt a little with him secretly. It seemed harmless and it really seemed to excite him. The attention felt so flattering and exciting and being from a black man something I'd never truly experienced before. He would call me boo and babygirl, and it gave me more of the unique feelings I described earlier. Whatever this feeling was it was so new and unexpected, and when we were together I felt it.
It was on one of the hip hop nights that we danced closely for the first time, the deep bass beats resonating as I moved my hips and he put his hands on my body, especially my ass. We went outside the club for fresh air and it was then we first kissed, his big soft lips connecting with my cherry red lips for an amazing embrace.
In the time after that night I was conflicted as to what we were, what was going on and was I cheating. I'd never cheated before and didn't see myself as the cheating type but there was something about this situation that was so alluring, it was hard to just walk away and cut him off.
Marc of course wanted to hang out soon after but I kind of came up with excuses to keep myself out of the situation for a little bit. Soon though we met up for drinks and after some flirting were kissing deeply in his Cadillac Escalade. His dark hands going up my colorful spaghetti strapped dress. The feeling was just electric as they rubbed my hardened nipples, I moaned softly and we tongue kissed deeper than ever. I kind of stopped it at that point tho as I knew he would probably push for more.
I had a hair appointment that week and decided to go for the bleached blonde look Marc had urged me so much to go with. As I left the salon I took a selfie and sent it to him, it was exciting to see his text "Dayummmm girl you took the plunge! You blonde and ready to take ova this town babygirl!" Reading his response was so thrilling, by now it mattered a lot to me what Marc thought and I guess I was subconciously starting to try to please him.
We had dinner together that night, and flirted heavily over drinks and soon I found myself at his apartment in West Hollywood for the first time. He was playful and flirtaceous as he got my top off for the first time. The electricity was building, I'd never been this aroused by a man and he could sense it. Kissing turned to him sucking my pink nipples and him placing my hand on his bulge. I rubbed it through his pants and he asked if I wanted to see it.
I kind of hesitating but he convinced me to take it out of his pants, and what a moment that was. His 9 inch erect dark chocolate dick sprung out spectacularly and I was floored, my jaw literally dropping at the biggest cock I'd ever seen.
Things felt so surreal and before i knew it I was sucking it, the sheer size of it throbbing in my mouth was exciting yet slightly frightening. Soon I was naked and when my dress and panties hit the floor It was such an intense sensation. His big black hands were exploring my body and soon I found myself in his arms as we kissed passionately. He whispered how long he had waited for this moment and said I was about to feel a black dick for the first time. I hesitated, knowing this was definitively cheating I said we should stop short of that tonight. He seemed disappointed but said he respected my wishes. He was stroking his cock in front of me when he suggested I try just a "sneak peek" to see what it would feel like, he would just slip the tip in my pussy and pull out. No one would know but us and it was not cheating in his book.
After making him promise only to insert his head in we agreed to try it, just to see how it would feel. I felt him rub the large swelling head of his cock against my know very moist vagina, all kinds of feelings and excitement were sweeping over me and as he slipped his cock head inside my warm wet pussy lips things became real, very fast. The feeling of a dick even touching your pussy is a very intense one (at least for me) and I moaned as it entered. He kept it there for a moment then pulled out, then entered again just the head. I cried out in pleasure at the slight penetration and he repeated the action, this time I felt a slightly deeper penetration. Waves of pleasure were sweeping my body as he kept pulling out and re-entering, very gradually deeper with each stroke. It soon dawned on me he was beyond the tip and his dick was sliding deeper inside me. He picked me up and placed me on top of him and gently pulled me onto and down onto his black cock. The color contrast more striking than ever as I began to orgasm for the first time. He said out loud "That's so fucking Tight...." and I just stammered "mmmHmmm" as I rode his black pole. Soon we were fucking passionately, though gently on his part as he allowed me to adjust.
It was the most intense night of sex I had ever had in my life and everything changed after that night. Marc and I were seeing each other regularly, having intense interracial sex more and more.
Soon after we decided on a whim to drive out to Vegas and it was there we connected on an even deeper level and became a couple. By now he was fucking me harder, it felt like I was in an interracial porn and in many ways I was. Squealing with each thrust, he was my man now there was no turning back. There was a unique rhythm to the way he fucked me that I can only describe as like a kind of music.
I broke up with Seth soon after and was officially with my new boyfriend Marc. It was the most incredible, intense, eye opening period of my life. This is how I started to date black guys, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.

Love Alana
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Old 07-13-2017, 09:49 AM
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As a matter of interest Alana, what happened to your acting career, or was that just to get into your pants?

Yeah, thought so.
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Old 12-08-2017, 11:30 PM
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I'm still pursuing it.
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Old 01-13-2018, 06:57 PM
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Damn! This whole thing is hot!

Good to see it went from a date to a relationship and not just sex.

Maybe you can do some narration as well as acting. They always need a storyteller.. someone to set the story and fill in the blanks for the audience.
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Old 02-15-2018, 01:15 PM
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Thank you how do you mean narration? That's interesting feedback.
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Old 02-15-2018, 02:36 PM
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nice story girl.......u have any pics we can see
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Any others?
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Old 02-15-2018, 06:04 PM
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Default Any others?

Have you had any friends or other brothers? If so letís us have another of your hot letters.
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