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omg!! double vaginal BBC is all i ever thought it would be and some
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Old 03-21-2011, 04:36 AM
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Default omg!! double vaginal BBC is all i ever thought it would be and some

Hubby has begged me to post this on here, so......
I just came in tonight from a weekend trip with my girl to see our four bulls in the ATL. I have been wanting to get double vag by two of them for months. The guys have been reluctant and made comments about rubbin cocks together and such. I hadn't told hubby but I begged for it on my last trip to visit the BBC studs.
But I knew I was getting my fav close to giving in but I will probably have to give up my ass to him soon in exchange. I do not get into anal and have never done it with hubby. I did with first husband and the pain was not too good. Hubby is much thicker than my first husband at 6 inches thick so I told him off limits. But, back to the story, I regress. Well my girl and I were.on a BBC weekend trip to see Shawn, Bobby, Ty and Ronnie. Now Shawn was my very first BBC to see up close, touch, stroke, lick, suck and get fucked by. He is a heavy thick and long!. 10" long and 6.75 girth a few inches behind his lovely cock head. I love fucking and sucking him. He has been after my ass for quite awhile and right here I am about to tell on myself with hubby. But he has been fairly regularly working his finger in my ass when he is fucking me and I get too worked up to stop him. I guess I will have to let hubby do that some also. Heehee!! So, this weekend I suggested that Shawn and Ronnie take me double vag on Saturday. They were still uptight about being that close together inside me and made comments about not being gay and such. So, by this morning I was aching for s double fucking. Shawn was in the midst of plundering my wet hole when I told him if he could talk Ronnie into it I might just give him something special. He didn't ask anymore questions, just thrust inside me deep and hard a few times and said wait here. A few minutes later he came back with Ronnie. I started sucking and stroking them both til they were steel hard. I do not know if Ronnie knew what was up but he had to have an idea. He was awakened by Shawn to share me which is not uncommon at all but based on previous day he had to know I was out to get them both inside me. Now both of these guys are early thirties and are muscular, cut and quite handsome. Ronnie is a good 8 inches and 6 inches thick but he has a nice taper to his cock with a slightly smaller head and widens out to 6.5 inches near his base. Yes I have measured all these studs. When my girl and I go to visit we stay from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. So over half the weekend these young ripped studs are walking around naked with either rock hard shafts or hanging down swingin between muscled thighs. So one weekend I took a sewing tape and measured them up. But once I had them both hard I had Shawn lie down and I crawled up on top of him placing his beautiful cock inside my wetness. I do mean wet. I started ridin him while stroking Ronnie. After about 5 minutes I looked at Ronnie and told him to get behind me and put that big black dick inside my wet cunt! He kind of scowled and I looked him in the eye and said "I told Shawn he could get something special if he did this to me and I will give it you too"!! Now get back there and help him fuck me!!!!!! He then smiled and moved into position. He slowly worked his cock in me and I felt like I have never before. Let me just say that all women should get this pleasure. He started moving and I started cummin on the cocks. I was screaming as it just kept rolling through my body. I could only lay down on Shawn's chest and let them take me. Shawn just slightly started moving after I heard them mumbling to each other. I was losing my senses at this time. All I could do was try to breathe, moan and scream as the orgasms kept rocking my body! But the two guys started moving in time together once Ronnie was settled good inside me. I think I actually blacked out at one point. It was incredible!!! The two of them came inside me and remained til they were both soft. When I gained my senses the first thing I said was "wow, I owe you both for that one"! I then heard my girlfriend giggling and turned to see her Bobby and Ty all standing behind the bed. They said the screams woke them and had to see what the hell was happenin to the blonde slut! They were not disappointed in the show. Leslie said I had Shawn to the balls and about 3/4ths of Ronnie. I said wtf, I surely had them both balls deep. Ronnie said oh no, he said that he tried to go all the way but my body jerked and he nearly fell out. He realized I was not ready to handle all of him with Shawn but did find the perfect depth and rocked my world. But I want to get them both balls deep. Ty and Bobby now want a shot next time I visit. Not too sure I can take Ty and another. His cockhead looks like a damn apple. Huge!! But maybe get him on bottom and go to work. I am extremely sore tonight and told hubby all he was gettin was a handjob tonight when I returned. I then started telling him what happened and he insisted I share on here. This was a great experience but now I guess I need to start hubby on helpin me prepare my ass for an onslaught on my next trip. I did offer it up for my treat. Oh well., better pack the lube as I am sure my next DP will Involve my asshole. But I am for sure gonna get me some more double cock in the hoohah!!! I will see what my girl thinks is so good about gettin it up the ass I suppose. She can train me on that and I can train her on how to handle two big studs in the pus!! Heehee. Well outta here. I need to have hubby lick my clit. I am so horny thinking bout this morning and sharing it here.
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Great weekend for you!
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Old 03-21-2011, 05:45 AM
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Default Great weekend for you!

Thanks for sharing!
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Great Sharing
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Old 03-31-2011, 07:42 AM
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Default Great Sharing

Thanks for sharing your double BBC story, very hot. I have a wife who needs BBC but she doesnt know it yet! Thanks again, good luck going balls deep next time and take care of that ASS.
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Old 04-02-2011, 02:47 AM
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Default whoo!!

Ok guys I tried it with hubby. I had him use my fav toys and get me realty worked up. He lubed his thick cock and worked my ass for awhile. Hurt like hell!! At first. I eventually relaxed enough for it to be ok. I am working into it. Had a load of fun tonight with hubby. Used my favorite toy while givinig him a footjob. He loved it!!!!! Doug, I didn't know I wanted or needed BBC til it just happened. Hopefully your wife will get the chance and take it too.
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Old 05-08-2011, 06:27 PM
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LOVE the story! Post it when you tak them up the ass!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 05-27-2011, 02:13 AM
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Default Hot!

wow! Thanks for sharing your hot story! Your hubby is a very lucky man to have a wife like that! That is just my wife need and I'm working on her.
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whew!! done! ass is blacked!
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Old 05-31-2011, 02:33 AM
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Default whew!! done! ass is blacked!

Been in Atlanta since late Saturday morning. Got home few hours ago. I did it!! Three times. Twice with Shawn and once with Ronnie!! Will share details with another post later! Ass is sore but it is pretty fun and will get better!!
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