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My wife's "2nd husband"
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Old 02-27-2016, 03:36 AM
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Default My wife's "2nd husband"

A few years before this man came into our lives a "well-hung"-over 10" and thick white man had lived with us and shared the bills and my wife equally for over 2 years before his job took him to the west coast. Well, then she found a new one to share with full time again and this true story is about how it happened. His name is HAYWOOD
Her second full-time live-in "co-husband".
As I have written about in some of the other tales of sharing her, a lot of the best men that we encountered where totally unexpected situations that would develop from meeting them in a normal activity and things would progress from not having anything planned to a man that would be a "great" lover. Such is the case when I met "Haywood".
It began with a niece of ours calling and asking us to attend her 13th birthday party and it was going to be held at a roller skating rink. My niece knew that I was an avid and very good roller skater and that my wife was very good also. The party was on the following Saturday afternoon we enjoyed the party and at one point the manager- a relative of my wife's had been hired to manage the operation, made a proposal to me to work there part time when they had the larger "open" skating evenings, Friday, Saturday and Tuesdays.
Unknown to me there was a black man there and his daughter had been invited to the same birthday party. As it turns out he was an excellent skater also and the manager had hired him also. The manager actually introduced us during the party and that was when I first met Haywood. He and I talked and then did some skating together as we talked about our other full time jobs, I as a business manager and he was an assistant warden at the state penitentiary. He was divorced and his ex had custody of their daughter, but had asked him to take her to the party.
Part of the birthday party package includes; cake, ice cream and drinks in a separate party room. Haywood and I were standing on one side of the room and my wife was setting directly across from us about 15 feet away. She was wearing her favorite skating outfit, a snug jersey top that showed of her 36D's, short skirt and no panties. I observed Haywood staring in her direction and realized that as she was talking to someone standing to the side of her she had her legs spread enough for Haywood to get a good look at her nicely trimmed pussy. From what I could tell she never looked up in his direction. He didn't say anything to me about what he had seen and at that time he didn't know that she was my wife.
On the way home I asked her about the show she had given him and she said that she thought that he seemed like a nice guy and she wanted to "make his day a little better". She said that a little later he introduced himself to her and asked her if she came out to skate very often, because he was going to be working there. She told him that she hadn't been but if he was going to be working there she would come more often. I said Oh, I see, you have your sights set on a new one do you. "We'll see" was her response. When we went to bed later that evening she was all over me sucking my cock and then easing herself down on it and I asked her you're thinking about getting some black cock aren't you? She was very wet and riding me hard and between breaths she said "guilty.... as....charged... and...I ....hope....he's.... hung....like ....a horse...OOOHHH as she came all over my cock. As she layed down on me she whispered in my ear that she hadn't had any black cock for a while and she was hoping that he would ask her out.
Haywood and I started working together and my wife would always show up after the evening session had already started. I noticed right away that he would stop by and talk with her as she put her skates on, and after a few weeks he dropped down and tied her laces for her and I knew he was getting a close look at her bare pussy, she didn't stop talking to him and I saw her part her legs a little more when he did her other foot. That first night he tied her laces he told me that he was going to get some of that fine white pussy, because she seemed interested in him. I told him "good Luck" but I'm sure she's married. Haywood said that she is married but that she had told him that her husband lets her do whatever she wants. I asked him when he thought he was going to try to get some of that "fine white pussy". He said tomorrow night (Saturday night) after session that ends at 10:30 I'm going to ask her to follow me to my apartment, I live just 3 blocks from here.
As he and I left work that evening I asked him what if her husband let her be with other men and what if he wants to be there and watch? Haywood looked at me for a few seconds and he stuttered for a second and then said you're her husband aren't you? I nodded my head that I am. Then he said well I have to think about this, you're my friend and she's your wife I said don't let it bother you, she's been waiting for you to ask since that Birthday Party. Tell her that you want her and I to both come over to your apartment for a few drinks after work, she likes Vodka and orange juice and I just drink Michelob beer. He said are you sure about this? I said that we both enjoy her "sharing" her white, married pussy and there are no strings attached what so ever. He said then I'm gonna do it, I'm going to ask her tomorrow evening for you 2 to come over for a drink, are you sure because my plan will be to fill her up with my black dick. I said give her your best shot because that's what she will want. We both went our respective direction and when I got home I decided not to tell my wife of Haywood's and my conversation.
As we got into bed my wife said I think that Haywood is going to ask me out fairly soon. Well I hope you enjoy yourself if he does, after the way you've flashed that pussy at him you better give it up to him. Oh, I'm going to give it up all right, I've wanted some of his black cock for several weeks and he can have as much of this pussy as he wants. I hope you get to watch sometime as he drives his black dick in me, and then it can be your turn. In the dark I was smiling to myself knowing that in about 24 hours she would be getting some of his black cock and that I would be watching.
Saturday evening's session actually went by fairly quickly and about 10:00 I was talking with my wife and Haywood came over and invited us over to his apartment for an after work drink. My wife looked at me and then Haywood and then back to me and I said that I would like to and my wife said that she would come over also.
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My wife's 2nd husband continued
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Old 02-27-2016, 03:38 AM
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Default My wife's 2nd husband continued

As we followed him to his apartment she asked me if we had set this up and I said you wanted some black dick and I do believe that Haywood is going to give you some tonight. We went into his apartment-third floor walk-up since his divorce and he said make yourself comfortable and that he would get us drinks, so my wife asked him if he could make her a screwdriver (vodka & orange juice) to which he replied that he could make that for her and I said I'll have a beer and Haywood asked if Michelob would be OK. I said that's my personal favorite. On his way to the kitchen he turned on some music. After a few minutes I suggested that she should got to the kitchen and check to see if he was making her drink correctly. She said "Here goes" and went to the kitchen.
I waited about 5 minutes and then went to the kitchen myself and my wife was setting on the edge of the table with her skirt up around her waist, her blouse undone and her bra unhooked and hanging loosely around her chest as Haywood had his face buried in that bare pussy he had seen. My wife was leaning back on her hands with her eyes tightly shut and I could hear her softly saying "oh yeah, oh yeah, right there, ooohhhh yeah ooooohhhh at which point she pulled Haywood up and kissed him. At that point they noticed me standing there and I said gee, no one brought me my beer and I think we should go back to the living room. My wife slid down off of the table, picked up her drink and with her other hand took ahold of Haywood's hand and led him into the middle of the living room as she took a drink then set it down and immediately reached for his belt buckle and opened his belt, unhooked his waist and pulled his zipper down as she sank to her knees on the carpet. With both hands she pulled his slacks and boxers down and then with a hoarse whisper said "Oh yes,yes,yes" and I saw that he is hung like a horse ( she measured him at a later date and he is 11 Inches plus and as thick as a soda can.
As I sat down on a chair I saw Haywood take something out of his pocket and lay it on the end table, by this time my wife has her right hand wrapped around the base of his cock (well almost - his cock was very thick) and her left hand is next to right hand and there is still about 5" of his cock in front of her face as she starts to lick the head and tries to get the head in her mouth. She is able to get the head in and sucks on it for a few moments until Haywood has her stop and pulls her up from the floor and helps her remove her clothes. He then has her lay down on the sofa and she her left leg up on the back of the sofa and her right foot is on the floor. As she was laying down I saw Haywood pickup what he had layed on the end table, it was a tube of KY jelly and he squeezed some into his right hand and then he dropped to one knee in between her leg and the sofa, and he started to kiss her as he "lubed up" his big cock. Then he started rubbing her pussy with some of the lube and also worked a finger into her, then two fingers and then three fingers and also rubbing her clit that is sticking out like a pencil eraser
He was kissing and sucking on the breasts (that really turns her on) and he starts to talk to her. "Your husband said that he thought you were in the mood for some black cock tonight. Are you in the mood for some black cock tonight Katie?" Haywood asked. "OOOHHH GOD YESSSS" was her response. "So how much of my black cock do you want?" was Haywood's next question. "AAALLLL OOFFF IITTTT." my wife said. "Are you sure you want all of it? he asked. "YES AND I WANT IT NOW" she replied. Without another word spoken he got in between her legs and she grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down her pussy slit and the set the head right in the open hole and as she pulled her hand away Haywood slid the first 4-5 inches in. OOOOOOHHHHH YYYEEESSSS my wife moaned as he waited for her to get accustomed to his size, then after a few moments I saw my wife start to rock her hips on his cock and he knew she was ready for more and he started to set a rhythm and each stroke he went a little deeper, until there was about 2 inches left to go.
The entire time my wife is moaning OH YES, OH YES, OH GOD, OH YES,YES,YES, OH GOD, OH YES, at this point he pauses for a moment and asks her if she is ready for the rest of it and she grasps the back of both knees with her hands, spreads her legs real wide and said "Oh yeah, give me all of that black cock". I watched as he leaned down and kissed her and started to pound that black cock into her until his balls were slapping against her ass and the next voice I hear is hers saying "OH GOD I'M CUMMING". This was the beginning of the next 20-25 minutes of Haywood pounding her and her cumming again and again, and he would stop and catch his breath and then start a rhythm going again until he said " I'm going to fill your married, white pussy full of cum, OK?" Katie put her hands on the sides of his face and wrapped her legs around his back and said "fill me full of your black baby making cum." as she pulled his mouth down to hers and he pumped his first load of the night into her. After laying together for a few minutes Haywood looked over at me and said " GTR your wife is really something else and she IS in the mood for some black cock." "She knows what she likes, and I try to make sure that she gets whatever it is that she wants. "was my reply.
Still laying on my wife he asks her "Why don't we walk thru the shower and wash off the sweat?" and they both get up and I watch as they both wash each other and dry each other off and by now Haywood's cock is hard again. He told her to go get in the bed and he went to the living room and got their drinks and his tube of KY and said to me " Katie said she wants it from behind now." I said "Well give the little lady what she asked for then." And with a big smile on his face he said "Count on it ,I'm going to fuck her brains out if you don't mind." "I think that's what she came her for you to do." I replied. The entire time he is talking to me he is "waxing" his cock with some more lube as he walks into the bedroom with his again very hard cock in his hand.
When I get to near the bedroom I see Katie already on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed and Haywood walks over behind her and again rubs some lube on her pussy and slides his lube-covered fingers into her slit. I can already see how stretched she is and her pussy is a little puffy from the first encounter. Right at that moment she turns her head and said "Get that big, black cock in me now." Haywood steps behind her and slides his cock up and down her pussy slit and up and down it again and then positions her to the proper height and starts to slide his cock in until he is "balls deep", and I watch as this "Cock Master" and that's what he is, starts to truly "fuck her brains out" as he said he would do. I have only heard my wife yell, moan and scream that loud with my boss, her boss, Roy-the farmer, Jake-the construction worker.
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My wife 2nd husband conclusion
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Old 02-27-2016, 03:40 AM
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Default My wife 2nd husband conclusion

After about 30 minutes of him hammering away at her from behind, with several stops to catch his breath as she is cumming we hear someone pounding on Haywood's front door and yelling something. Haywood steps back and pulls his shiny, cum-covered (hers and his) cock out and walks to the front door naked and opens it and it's one of his neighbors that I hear say, "Hey we're all glad you got a new woman and I saw when she came in that she's a white one at that, but can you quiet her down some of us have to get some sleep so we can go to work in the morning. Put her face down in a pillow or something. Will ya." All Haywood said was "I'll try man, but she's just not accustomed to someone like me." and he closed the door. My wife had laid down on her side while he was gone, but as he came back in the room she immediately got back on her hands and knees and did bury her face in a pillow, but some of the time you could still hear her as Haywood worked her pussy thru several more climaxes. I don't know how much longer it was until he told her he was going to fill her full of cum again and then he hammered her real hard and went as deep as he could get and pumped another load into her. I'm sure the neighbors heard her then too.
Haywood climbed onto the bed as she moved up beside him and they kissed and snuggled a little, the entire time I had been setting there in a chair stroking my cock to the point of cumming and the I would stop and my wife looked at me and said "Why don't you come over here and have some sloppy ugh "thirds"" as she lay on her back and spread her legs. I could easily see that Haywood had stretched her and her pussy was very swollen and red. I got between her legs and very quickly added my cum to Haywood's and hers. I kissed her and asked if she was OK to which she replied yes and I'm well fucked too. It was a little after 2:00 and with her between us we all got some much needed sleep. About 5:00 I realized that Haywood had got between her legs and was fucking her again, I was so tired that I went back to sleep. When I awoke again about 8:30 I realized I was in the bed alone and Haywood had her bent over the end of the sofa and was hammering her from behind again.
He again fucked her thru several orgasms and the pumped another load of his cum into her. He stood there with his cock buried in her for several minutes before pulling out, what I thought was interesting to me was that almost none of his cum was leaking out of her. I guess he had planted it really deep in her. He then picked her up and carried her into the shower and they washed each other off and when they got out of the shower I could see that my wife was actually "beaming". I walked thru the shower and as I came into the bedroom they were kissing and fondling each other. My wife then said to me "I'm hungry, let's all go get some breakfast and I want to talk to you two about something."
I left first and went out of the building a different way than they did and they got in his car and I drove ours to a local restaurant. As we waited for our meals to come my wife, who is setting beside Haywood and across from me said "I asked Haywood if he has a long lease on his apartment and he said no that he is actually moving out of there next weekend to his sisters place and I asked him if he wanted to move into our spare room downstairs, because I told him that I want a lot more of what I got last night and again this morning and I told him it has a private entrance and separate bathroom. He said he was OK with that arrangement if you are." She paused for a moment and then said "Is that OK with you?" She also gave me her biggest smile. I said "Is that smile really just for me or is it because her has his hand up under your skirt." "Both." was her answer. "Well after we get our meals why don't we work out the details." I replied because I knew right that moment she was ready to have 2 husbands again, and Haywood was her second husband for almost 3 years. During that time she shared her body with him, just like she did with me. She got pregnant to him (yes we had a paternity test done-he paid for it), but she miscarried between her 4th. and 5th month-that's when the test was done. She was a little low for a while until he and I planned a get-away for her and him and when they got back she was fine. Between Haywood and I we made sure that some of the adventures she likes didn't just involve he and I. Those are entirely different stories. This was only about how my wife acquired her 2nd - 2nd husband. GTR

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Old 03-10-2016, 03:00 AM
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Great story, well done.
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Old 02-18-2017, 05:53 AM
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LOVED your story!
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Old 04-23-2017, 02:49 PM
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Extremely hot story!! Thank you for sharing!
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Old 04-25-2017, 08:45 PM
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I enjoyed it as well. I'd love an arrangement such as that one.
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Old 01-13-2018, 08:11 PM
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Super hot.. very well done.

I think if you can cum inside any wife 4 times in less than 24 hours she'll definitely be beaming.

Do it with an 11 cock.. she'll definitely want you as a weekly regular.. if she survives.

It's very kind of her to accommodate him as a regular to be honest! After a divorce he has tons of stress to work out of his body and 3 years of breaking in your wife must of helped a lot! Who knows her pussy may have helped extend hisblifespan a little.

I'm very glad she was kind enough to accommodate his needs and give him a beautiful inviting place to unload his semen regularly. Your wife deserves a medal for her service to the community.

This ex of his must be braindamaged... does she know what she gave up?
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don't know
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Old 01-23-2018, 05:05 AM
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Default don't know

All Haywood ever said about his ex was that she was always complaining about him watching other women all the time.

I quit trying to count the number of men that "had" my wife over almost 35 years of enjoying men. But when she would be involved with a man that could make her feel "just right" she would want to have as much of them as she could get.

Mandingoman1972 thanks for your kind words and thoughts about her. GTR

Attached Images
File Type: jpg Haywood & Katie the day he moved in.jpg (12.7 KB, 80 views)

Last edited by gatorrdw; 01-23-2018 at 05:17 AM.. Reason: added photo of the day he moved in with us
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Wife prefers long term also.....
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Old 07-09-2018, 07:43 PM
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Default Wife prefers long term also.....

My wife prefers long term relationships too. Have never had anyone move in, but that's because most of them were married also, I suspect. She always liked being able to go away for periods of time with her long term Lovers. Said she is able to let go sexually better that way.

Her current affair is 8 yrs long and although has slowed down some, shows no signs of ending. His wife currently has some medical problems and his focus is on her right now, as it should be.

My wife and her Lover travel quite a bit for business together and like to let people know they are involved, sometimes even letting them think they are newlyweds. He even bought her a small diamond ring that she wears when they are traveling together, leaving her wedding ring at home, and occasionally she'll even wear it in the office to tease him and see if anyone notices the difference (so far no one has said anything anyway). No one in the company is at all aware of their sexual relationship.

She also leaves her diaphragm at home when they travel as she is HOPING to get pregnant by him.....but that seems unlikely now due to his age (late 60's) and she ahs a tipped uterus that makes it difficult to get pregnant. They even plan a month long "business planning trip" to Florida over Xmas to last thru two fertile cycles to enhance the possibility.

We understand the "2nd husband" situation quite well.....she has had several "2nd husbands" over the years. One was Black and if his wife had not found out about their relationship and delivered an ultimatum to him, we would no doubt be raising at least one child from him. They had made the decision to stop any pretense of birth control when the wife caught on to them.

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big black cock, shared wife

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